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hello,,,,, my2D echocardiography report says ......AML thickning with 12mm MVP without mitral regurge, CAN U EXPLAIN THIS TO ME PLEASE?
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AML is "anterior mitral valve leaftlet".  That leaflet (front side) of the mitral valve appears to have some thickening.  The mitral valve is a one way passing of blood received from the lungs into the lower chamber to be pumped into circulation.  Mitral valve regurgitation indicates some backflow of blood back into the upper chamber.  MVP is mitral valve prolapse meaning the valve leaflet doesn't properly close.and 12mm is the calculation of the degree of prolapse.

Reading what is written and no mitral valve regurgitation indicates the condition is medically insignificant for valve insufficiency.    
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thanks a lot...... sorry i had missed a word  it sd,.....AML thickning with SYSTOLIC prolaspe into LA 12mm,without mitral regurge.
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During systole (pumping phase) the pressure in the lower chamber increases in the left ventricle and that causes a prolapse of a mitral valve leaflet into the atrium (upper chamber). That is consistent with MVP, but usually there is some leakage of blood back into the upper chamber.  The thckness of the leaflet may provide a favorable result that blocks any backflow!?.
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Hi......just want to know if this is serious?since mild chest pain is there most of the time,will this probleme increase or remain d same?
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