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Meaning of Echo n whats the treatment?

Due to hypertension I got some troubles n the echo report says :
Normal LV size 2d EF - 51%. Apical Septum Hypokinetic, Normal Valves and pericardium

IHD RWMA LAD Territory Normal LV Function in NSR.
What does it mean, n how it will cure. n what its treatment?
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RWMA means "regional wall motion abnormality" which is referring to the hypokinesis of the apical septum. The EF, or ejection fraction, is in low-normal range. The first thing that comes to mind when an echo report has RWMA is a prior heart attack or a conduction abnormality. It is probably worthwhile to have a stress test to look for evidence of scar (old heart attack) as well as an ECG (to look for conduction abnormalities). Also, there are certain medications that help protect the heart from further changes, and you should talk to your doctor about these possibilities (beta blocker, ACE inhibitor).
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Thanx a lot sir, One thing I want to mention my medical history here and want your advise, that my age is 35 yrs, and I am taking regular medicines of emotional disorder from my age of 20. And I took medicine of high blood presure around 1 yr in 2007-08, and after that I get low blood pressure n my doctor stoped that medicine. On Last tuesday 7th feb, I feel high blood pressure n I took blood pressure medicine n alprazolam. N its go down. But next day I feel some heavyness on   chest and breathing was not normal. I contact with my doctor and he give medicine. But I not feel much better and I visited again on 14th. and on ECG AVL graph was not normal. Doctor gave me anti- biotics. And I am feeling relief from today with those medicines.
Yesterday I visited cardilogist, He took Echo and after that he said report says I need urgent angiography. The vain supply blood to lungs that are little bit blocks. But I wrote here echo reports, I think its not mention anywhere on the report. Thats why I need your guideline. I havnt any heart problem on the past.
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