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Mildly dilated left ventricular


I am 31 years old. My echo reports my left ventricular is mildly dilated, my EF is good as 65%. It could due to my hypertension. I seek help from 2 cardiologists and they said I should not worry.  However, I read a lot of bad thing about dilated cardiomyopathy on internet. I am under heavy depression. How serious the situation is? Do I progress to dilated cardiomyopathy? If I control my BP well, is it reversible? They currently put me on ACE inhibitor and beta blocker for my hypertension.

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ACE inhibitors are generally given to those who have congestive heart failure/high blood pressure.  Keep in mind the general classification for left ventrical disease is trivial, mild, moderate, moderate/lsevere, and severe, so you are in the very early stages and that can be turned around with meds, diet and exercise, with emphasis on the latter two.  I'll bet if you do all three it will reverse itself in six months.  Keep us informed.  
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I agree/support what 68...says, at your age your ventricle dilation should be reversible.  And, the sooner the better, and enlargement on the left side is a condition that can lead to the development of atrial fibrillation.  

I know beta blocker is a standard step to control/lower blood pressure, and heart rate.  I am not personally familiar with ACE inhibitor so I have nothing to add to that recommendation.
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One of the wonders of modern medicine in general and Cardiology in particular is the possibility of such early intervention and treatment. It is likely that high BP is the cause of your mild ventricular dilatation. The prescription of ACE inhibitor plus Beta Blocker is current standard treatment. The aim of this is to reduce ventricular wall stress and so slow / halt dilatation. Of course this will also need (possibly life long) follow - ups to monitor the situation and stop progression to more serious outcomes. So atm there is no cause for worry, tackle that depression and gain control of your own feelings.
have a long happy life.
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