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Mitral valve Surgery

I had my consultation with Thoracic Surgeon today.  I am scheduled for a Mitral valve repair/replacement:  26 March 2008.  All my symptoms indicates that my heart is already compensating for the workload and the bloodtest they did last week confirm high heart-enzymes and possible signs of beginning stage of heart failure.

He is first going to attempt repairing the valve but he is almost certain that I am going to need a Mechanical valve.  He is also going to fix the Atrial septal aneurysm, while I am cut open in anyway.

I am sure that, closer to the time, I am going to think about chickening out... but I am also sure that I am going to be 100% healthy again, after I have recuperated from op.

Thank you all for your support!
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Glad to hear your good news Smiley !:)
Stay brave !
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I've been waiting to hear from you!!!  I'm sorry that you will need the surgery.  BUT, I'm happy that he's going to fix the atrial septum aneurysm at the same time!  You're gonna do great and just think how much better you're gonna feel a couple months from now. The timing for your sugery is great because of the beginning signs of compensation....Good thing you were having routine checkups!!

I'm gonna be here to support you all the way through and past the surgery!  Whenever you need to talk, vent and whatever, you know we're here for you!!

I'm SOOO happy you got a date in March!!  That's awesome (under the circumstances).  Better let the kids know you're gonna be playing soccer with them this summer : )

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Hi there!

They moved my date to 31 March!  I wish surgery was tomorrow!  I am not the world's most patient person and I get more and more anxious by the day.

My hubby is still in Japan and only returning next week Friday.  There after I think time is going to fly, but at this stage time is dragging!  I am also having trouble with my Employers:  I signed a 5 year fixed contract with them and I read my contract:  if in the event that I get booked off for longer than 1 month they can grant me unpaid sick leave or terminate my contract!  I have a policy that is suppose to pay out a lump sum on trauma - and they specify heart valve desease as being one of the benefits (ugh, if you can call it that) but I don't know if I "qualify" because it states something about having ventricle size of 7...

I feel so alone today!!!!!!!!!!
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