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Mitral valve prolapse anyone else?

30 years old. Had an echo done and cardiologist said i had a click and its MVP but said aside from avoiding stimulants. That I can continue to exercise and have no limitation to activities. Said to follow up only as needed. I feel as though i was brushed aside. My mom has this condition so I can't help but feel as though that's my source. So what can I expect now? An early death, heart attack, increased stroke risk? He didn't quite tell me what type of MVP it is and apparently there are different kinds and all he said was a click during the echo.

How would someone with this even know if their leaking too much and if its getting really bad? Insight please and thank u.

I wasn't prescribed any medication. Dr didn't think it was needed. Genuine or too laxed and passive? Idk. I would be lying if I said I am okay this is really scary for me and I really just want some support
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MVP does not necessarily mean that the valve leaks. MVP is found by many people and is in most cases harmless. Regurgitation (from MVP or from another cause) is also not a problem is long as the regurgitation is mild or less. Moderate or severe regurgitation requires monitoring to check if the condition worsens or not and even then there  is a big chance that it has no impact on your activities.
I am now 60 years old and had MVP and moderate regurgitation all my life. It has not caused me any limitation in exercising. I have done and still done serious exercising throughout my whole life (running, cycling, hiking etc.)

MVP can be heard as a click with a stethoscope. The amount of leakage is measured with an echo.
It is still frustrating and I wish i asked him more questions pertaining to this condition. I have read some horror stories and that was mt first mistake. But i am seeking another cardio who hopefully can be more in depth and compassionate.
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