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My Dad's Angiography report is as follows, please guide me

Age               59

LMS              Normal

LAD              Diffuse severe disease in mid segment. Diagonal branch has severe osteal disease.

LCx               Normal, Major OM branch has moderate proximal disease.

RCA              Dominant. Mild disease in proximal and distal segment. PDA has critical disease at Ostium and         severe disease in mid course.

LV Angio        Fair LV function.

Diagnosis      TVCAD with fair LV function.

Advice           Surgical Opinion.

We went and to doc for angiography and angioplasty but the doc didn't perform angioplasty after angiography and told us to consult a surgeon. Please help me to understand the severity of his disease and what are the possible treatments. My dad gone through echo, and thallium scan test as well as other necessary tests please let me know if reports for those are required. Please HELP!
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Your dad suffers from stenosis in all three major coronary arteries.
Further, the stenosis extends over longer distances and at multiple positions per artery.

There are at least 5 positions where intervention really is required.
If at all possible, it would require many stents to restore the blood flow in the heart.

In my opinion, CBAG is the better option here.
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