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My heart is beating too fast too strong for no reason

Iam 23 y female i have no health issues other than chronic migrane .. as for the past few years i have these symptoms , while sitting laughing taking lecture i start to feel dizzy with my heart racing then i cant catch my breath my heart beats soooo fast and hard i cant move as my body is numb and tinggling i feel like i will pass out it but i dont it goes away in 2 3 minutes but i still feel dizzy and not normal
One time i went to the hospital my heart was racing i cant move i couldnt breath i was taking my breath too fast i was passing out my eye was rolling up my body was in spasm few minutes and it was gone
I have done every investigation nothing is wrong i went to different doctors they all say its panic attack but iam not worried about anything or sad it happens when i am taking lecture or happy or out with my friends
Last time my heart was soooo fast soo soo hard it felt like its going to jump out of my body
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Sounds like garden-variety panic to me.  Please note that p anic attacks do not have to be related to *anything* that is going on in your life.  It often seems to be a completely independent function of your nervous system:  For some reason, the nervous system goes on 'high alert' without any good reason. And if you were able to interview other members of your family--and if they answered honestly--you'd probably see a family tendency.

The good news is that panic is treatable.  It may require some medication and a bit of talk therapy, but, boy, is it treatable!

Ask your doc for a referral to a shrink or a counselor.  Your life will get better.

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