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Need help understanding a weird heart symptom.

A while ago, I was sitting on the floor crisscrossed, and when I got up, I started to feel a strange sensation in my chest. Not only could I could hear my heartbeats, but I also felt this pressurized pumping sensation which I can't really explain. It was a feeling very similar to when you try to breathe in more than your lungs can hold, that internal sensation that radiates to your throat area. That feeling was occurring with each heartbeat, and the heartbeats seemed to be incomplete. This happened for 15 sec., and then it went away.

I'm a 20 year old male with slightly high cholesterol, and I wouldn't consider myself physically active. Is this symptom something to be concerned about? What even is this symptom, and how can I make sure it doesn't happen again?
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You should ask your doctor to be sure but it could have been anything from postural hypotension which is when you go from a prone position to sitting up too quickly or a run of PVC's. If it only happens once I wouldn't be too concerned but I would bring it up to my doctor. If it happens again you should definitely see your doctor to be safe.
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