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Need help understanding lexiscan

Had lexiscan, nuclear stress test, need help understanding what this means.  "Abnormal Regadenoson stress and rest study showing a small-medium size, distal anterior and lateral and apical perfusion defect of moderate intensity (apex with moderate-severe), which is partially reversible, consistent with ischemia."  Just want to understand before I see cardiologist so I have a clue what he might be suggesting next..if anything.
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Means the tip of your heart isn't getting blood.

If they open the blood vessel it will partially heal over time.

You'll probably get a cardiac catheterization.. They're likely to spot other areas that may or may not require treatment.
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In short it means that certain parts of your heart suffer from lack of oxygen during physical stress. (perfusion defect)
Partially reversible means that during rest the oxygen supply is (almost) sufficient.

Your cardiologist will most probably want to find our where the ischemia is coming from and therefore will suggest further testing. The logical step will be to do a catheterisation to view the condition of  your coronary arteries.
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