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That is just one of my problems. My b.p. with carliveal 50mg. , 12mg. of clonidine, 40mg. of Benicar, this is daily. My b.p. still can go up to 224/139, pulse of 107 or more. It can go down daily and up. Every day. I've been in 2 electrolye comas, recently I apparently had been losing blood for 31/2 months, and I was presented to the hospital wih a 3 hemoglobin count. I have Von willa brands, Crohns, hep c, high b.p, and hypoglecemia. I've had an emergency hysterectomy, because it ruptured, 6 bowel resections, 2 ovarian cysts removels. 2 comas, every infection I have it has to be in house care, which then I start to bleed out. I try to joke around to help the helpers for them  not be so scared, but that doesn't always work. The main thing now is , I can't lower this pulse. Should I see a cardialigist? Sorry my spelling is so bad, I was also in a rehab care center last year for 2 months. At least they taught me how to cook and walk again!
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