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Nuclear stress test result question (small perfusion abnormality)?

I recently had a nuclear stress test done after having some random chest pains and an abnormal regular stress test done. I got the results today and my follow up isn’t until Tuesday so I’m hoping someone can help me understand this better because google is scary.

A little background - I am a 34 year old female, slightly overweight, non smoker (but did smoke socially 10+ years ago) and I live an active lifestyle. I have anxiety but no other health problems. I’m adopted but the only family history I know is that there was heart disease (clogged arteries, heart attack, a triple bi-pass. I had an in depth lipid panel done which confirmed I have genetic factors that put me at high risk for heart disease.

Here are my test results -


Exercise Results:
Resting EKG: sinus tachycardia.
Stress EKG: No abnormal ST changes in response to stress
Dysrythmia: None
Exercise Tolerance: Good (8-10 METS)

Myocardial Perfusion Results:
Study Quality/Artifacts: Good quality study Breast attenuation
Extracardiac and incidental findings: None
Myocardial Perfusion:DHG MPI perfusion: A Small (SSS 4-8) sized perfusion
abnormality with mild reduction in counts with no wall thinning is seen in
the basal and mid anterior segments. Compared to rest images the defect
is mostly fixed. TID ratio .86.
Myocardial gating: Normal wall motion and thickening
Calculated Ejection Fraction: 71 %
Summed Stress Score: 2
Summed Rest Score: 2
Summed Difference Score: 0


Probably normal stress test
The calculated ejection fraction was 71


So, at the top of all this, it says “results are expected for this patient. Continue current therapy. No changes.” Those don’t seem like normal results to me. Can anyone help me understand all those physicians findings? Thank you!
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I forgot to add, my cholesterol is normal and I do not have diabetes.
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Well your ej is 71 % that's awesome!.

What are your symptoms, bc I don't think it's your lv causing your issues?

Any other testing you have had?
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Well your ej is 71 % that's awesome!.

What are your symptoms, bc I don't think it's your lv causing your issues?

Any other testing you have had?
My in depth lipid panel showed that I have small and medium sized cholesterol particles (which is apparently bad). I had a calcium scoring test that came back as 0, which is great, but the tech who ran the test told me that that specific test is just looking for hard plaque/calcium. I have off and on chest discomfort and went about two weeks with feeling a constant fullness feeling just sitting on my chest. That along with an abnormal ekg (something about the r waves not progressing?) is what prompted all of these tests.

I also wore the ZIO patch for a week and it mostly just found that my heart is in sinus rhythm. I had a few irregular things here and there (less than 1% of the time wearing the patch) but my dr was not concerned about them.

I’m more or less concerned about the “small mild fixed perfusion” and the summed stress score of this test.
I should add, the symptoms that prompted all of this have subsided but I do still have the occasional chest discomfort and palpitations. I also have anxiety so I never know if the anxiety is causing my symptoms or if my symptoms are causing me anxiety.
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Im guessing you mean lipoproteins.

Gotcha.  Well I don't think there's much I can add in terms of suggesting other tests bc you don't have symptoms currently.

I do encourage you to make sure your doctor doesn't think your perfusion is concerning.
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