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O2 Saturation

Hi Folks,

Had a minor procedure at the hospital the other day.  Anyway, in recovery the oxygen saturation monitor kept going off when I starting dozing off.  Annoyed the heck out of me, until that annoyance turned to panic when I started researching my readings.  I noticed that when I was awake, my levels were around 94-95.  But when I started falling asleep it dropped to around 89.  Thing is though, I feel great.  Heart has been checked, no breathing difficulties etc.  From all the postings I have read on the internet you would think I would be at death’s door based on that reading.  I do have sleep apnea, so I suspect that is a contributor, but can anyone lend some insight into this?
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Doubt it is a heart issue, could be lungs or an obstruction (sleep apnea).  Do you smoke, are you overweight?  Asked respectively to the first two points.

Obstructive sleep apnea generally shows low O2 levels when lying on one's back, and not when up and about, even when lying on one side or stomach.

An O2 level below 95 is considered low, but not dangerously low if above 90 I believe.  89?  same as 90 given some tolerance in reading error.  

I have been diagnosed with mild obstructive sleep apnea, it is mostly gone with the loss of 10 pounds, I am working on losing 25 pounds for good measure.  I was (am) just overweight, not real heavy.  Now about 225 at 6' 5" - 220 would be better, after that I need to just firm up with exercise.

Merry Christmas
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Thanks Jerry
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