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Opinions on 24 Hour ECG Report? (Ectopics)

Hi everyone.

I am a 29 year old male in the UK. I have been experiencing ectopic beats now for around 2 years, and recently had some results back from a 24 hour ECG and would like to know what everyone makes of this. I'm currently in the process of being referred to cardiology.

Physically, my heart is perfectly fine according to an ultrasound scan which showed no physical abnormalities, however I do get ectopic beats right through the day which can be very scary - sometimes happening in a row and my heart rhythm being abnormal for a good few minutes before finally settling down.

I do take 1.25mg daily of Bisoprolol which has been said to be causing my heart rate to be a little low at times, and have recently started taking only half of a tablet to help with this following approval from my GP.

Recently, I had a 24 hour tape which has shown the following results:

Normal Beats: 77,541 (98%)

Ventricular Ectopics: 1,429 (2%)

Superventricular Ectopic Beats: 2 (<1%)

The findings from the report say:

**Sinus rhythm with a short PR interval, measuring approx. 105 ms at times.

**Low frequency (2%) of multifocal ventricular ectopic beats.

**Low frequency (<1%) of atrial ectopic beats.

Periods of gradual on/offset sinus tachycardia, at a max rate of 148 bpm (strip is labelled Maximum Heart Rate).

Patient Events: Patient noted that ectopics occur almost every few seconds but they only pressed the event button when they were particularly frequent (9 times). Symptoms were described as ectopic beat, discomfort left arm, slower heart rate and spaced out. ECGs at these times show sinus bradycardia/rhythm at rates between 56 and 91 bpm, all containing one or more ventricular ectopic beats.

Analysed By: HO.

I'd like to think my ectopics are caused by anxiety, but wondered what anyone else thought of these results. I do get an increase in ectopics after eating or when laid or sat in certain positions.

Thanks in advance!
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