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Opinions on my Echocardiogram results.

Hi all! I have been experiencing chest pains, light headiness, pressure, and breathlessness for a few months now. I have gone to the ER twice, my GP twice and a cardiologist once.  I was told by the ER doctors that my blood tests and chest X-rays were normal both times.  

My cardiologist told me the only concerning thing he saw in my electrocardiogram was the fact that my LVEDD was 5.9cm which means i have a dilated left ventricle. My question is how worried should I be about this?Should I keep bugging the doctors or possibly just try to relax and see if the symptoms subside after a few more months? Thanks!  
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I think I may have answered you before, but have they  done stress echo? CMR? V/Q?
I have done a stress test but I was told it was okay as in no blockages detected. A CMR V/Q I have no idea what that is so I am assuming it was never done. Thank you!
Stress test is not a stress echo... Two different things.

To get to the route I think you need the following testing...

1. Stress echocardiogram
2. Cardiopulmonary exercise test
3. V/Q scan
4. Cardiac MRI ( cmr)

To start.  If those turn out okay you could move on to further testing... However, your current evaluation has not been remotely extensive.  There are an lot more cardiac conditions and things that cause your symptoms besides CAD.

I have had an echo while lying down on a table. I then had a stress test while running on a treadmill. I have also had an x-ray of my chest and blood work to test for any bio markers of heart attack.  The echo was the only test that came back with concerning results according to my doctor due to the LVEDD of 5.94cm.
A stress echo is done by either taking images as your peddle or having you on a treadmill and working your heart rate up to theoretical maximum and then taking images.

It sees how the myocardium functions under stress.

I don't think your work up has been extensive if you are still having issues.
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