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Hello. I have PVC... But I have been looking over some of the information you have provided. Some of the information is accurate to a T. However I am not coming across a few things.

1. My heart rate beats at 235 bpm (this has been found on the numerous hospital visits). and I can't get it to go away. I have to seek medical attention as some attack (as I call them) last up to 3 hours.

2. I tend to get heart burn at times about 30 minutes before an attack happens. Is this normal or a sign.

3. Again as before all of my test came back normal. That is besides my potassim and iron (pretty low). So is this possibly a cause?

4. I developed it when I was pregnant. It started lasting a minute here and there. but my second pregnancy it went crazy. Could being pregnant help cause or bring out the PVC?

5. My last visit to the hospital was by ambulance as I passed out. They said they almost had to use the defibrillator. Why would they do that as I was not dead?

I am running out of energy dealing with this. I am on calcium blockers and take enough vitamins to supply a herd of horse. Yet my iron and potassim will not improve. I have two children and they need a healthy mom. If you could supply a bit more information as don't feel that I am getting it from my specialist.
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I hope some of the people here will provide you with some answers or theories that might help you. I never heard of pvc's at 235 bpm... how lang do you have a heartrythm at 235 bpm?

I believe that you'll need to contact your cardiologists and ask them about the same thing like you asking us in the forum. I know that some doctors dont want or have the time to listen and explain whats going on, but its their jobs so you must demand a explanation.
Remember to take someone with so you have a extra pair of ears.

I dont have any answers to your questions but I hope you get the help that you need.

- Ida

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I really wish we knew what it was... I have been to the cardiologist and they said it was PVC. My worst attack was landed me in the ICU for 2 days. I set at home with an attack(is what I call them) for 2 hours before my husband demand I go to the ER. At that time I was certain they were just panic attacks. I set in the hospital lobby for 3 hours before I was seen (they hospital was very busy and we only have one). Then I started to feel faint, and I hurt everywhere. My husband told the receptionist that I was having a heart attack and they rushed to my aid. I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time.

They gave me some meds call adensin(?). Which literally felt like my heart stopped. So Scary. That is when I had to where a monitor around for a week after the ICU. I have several attacks and the doc said it was PVC. When i got to the ER my pulse was racing 235. The scary part. i was sleeping when that happened. Not spooked me nor was I even stressed.

My final straw this year was when I was driving with my 6 year old and my 21 month old. I felt an attack coming on and pulled over. Passed out. my daughter called my mom who luckily was about three miles away from us. Landed me a ambulance drive and an over night stay at the hospital. But I still get the same answers... PVC.

I have been to two cardiologist both say they shouldn't last that long. But they do and I am a train reck. I need help... I need answers!!!

Thank you for you concern.

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I can understand why you're frustrated. It is very difficult to not knowing, especially when you're not ok.

Wich tests have you had?
-Holtermonitor? (30 days?)
- stresstest?
- echocardiogram (Ultrasound of the heart)?

Panic attacks may also make your heart beat very fast, but I haven't heard of anybody that faints of it, but its not impossible. You need a cardiologist to find out why you are fainting and making sure that it isn't heartrelatet. If you haven't had any of the tests, then you need to talk to your doctor about this.

You were having a pulse of 235 when you was sleeping?

It's important to investigate this, having some tests done. Contact your doctor and ask for the tests, its the only way to get some answers.

How old are you? when was the first time you experienced these attacks? is the medication working? how is your blood pressure? (low bloodpressure can make you faint)

It doesn't have to be dangerouse, but its no need to wait and see. I hope you'll get some answers!  

Remember that the people here isn't doctors. always contact your own doctor about things like these.

good thoughts to you!  
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Ups... I ment echocardiography, thats a ultrasound of the heart:)
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I am 25, my attacks started at 17 very small barely noticed them. The fainting is because my blood pressure drops so fast after my attack starts. I have had the holter test, stress test and the ultrasound of my heart. Yes I have went to my doctors.. They said they want to go in a burn something that isn't firing right in my heart... The cardiologist said that it is PVC. I guess its a simple enough procedure but I have two young kids and I worry about having any procedure done to my heart.. But atleast I have some answers.

Thank you for your help
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Have they done a tilt table test to see why you're fainting? Have you had a sleep apnea test? sleep apnea can do that while you're asleep - mine's been monitored at 220+ also.

You should ask in the heart rhythm forum http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Heart-Rhythm/show/92 also but it sounds like something someone else posted - I believe it was SVT related to WPW...but I'm not entirely certain because there's alot of posts there.  SVT rates can be 300+ bpm and I believe Tom_h can explain how it does with a pvc starting it. http://www.medhelp.org/medical-information/show/326/Arrhythmias?page=2

low potassium can cause arrhythmia's and low iron can cause tachycardia

just a word of caution PLEASE do not drive if you have fainting issues; I used to do that and one day passed out driving thankfully no one was hurt and I didn't hit anyone

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How are you today? Did you get some answers?

Hope you are doing well.
- Ida
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