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Pacemaker with shoulder pain

Hi all,

Three month back  pacemaker implanted in my mom heart. Docotor put it in left hand side. after the procedure she is getting pain in her from should to her fingers. she is not able to tolerate the pain.i would like to know how long she will be getting this pain.

Please advise me want i want to take it futher.

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Nerve may have been clipped... she need mri and ncs/emg.

Has her breathing been impacted?
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Hi,my pacemaker was put in August 2015 and been having shooting pain in my pacemaker inserting and my shoulder and neck and hand swollen the pain stinging so bad it wake me up out my sleep and I sit up and try to sleep I went to my doctor they keep saying nerves pain tender pain I'm in pain everyday I'm getting where I don't want to eat I feel sick in the stomach from the pain dizzy
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Hi Buckym,
I don't feel alone!  Thank you for sharing your conditions and experiences.  I am in the same predicament.  I had my pacemaker implanted in June 2016 and still suffering from discomfort and sensitivities in my Left chest wall, shoulder, back, neck and fingers.
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hi! Is it a constant pain or does it come and go. i have a pacemaker as well, got it back in feb. and i occasionally feel pains shooting down my arm. is hers a duel pacemaker, that has a difibulator? i dont know why her pacemakers implanted, but if it has a difibulator the pain would come but it should go. if not she might want to see her cardiologist or electrophysiologist again and make sure she not expierencing a heart attack. it wouldnt be a problem with the implantation because its put in a small pocket, i would think its a symptom of what she's being diagnosed for.
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Thanks Brokenpen, actually she is not getting pain in around pacemaker, she is only getting pain stating from shoulder. hardly she is getting pain near by pacemaker.
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Normally, she should not have such pain after the insertion of the pacemaker. Maybe its position is causing some muscle spasm that is affecting her arm. The best option is to take her back to the doctor who inserted the pacemaker and explain the situation to him.
If she has some fever, it may mean that the pacemaker place is infected and needs an urgent intervention.

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