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Please Respond! Stiff Arteries? Reversible? High Systolic Low Diastolic


I'm a 23 male.  About 8 months  ago I took bodybuilding supplements such as no explode and ephedrine (which had yohimbe ephedrine caffeine and green tea in it).  They weren't taken together, but at various cycles.  In August I developed heart palpitations and chest pain.  I saw a cardiologist and had a number of tests done (did not mention I took ephedrine before (roughly 25 mg 3x per day for two three week cycles, the recommended dosage and I only did two cycles) I was embarassed since my family was with me, but did mention no xplode).  Had EKG done, stress echo cardiograms, and blood work.  The doctor said my heart looked very healthy and was actually hyperdynamic, meaning it was able to pump quickly and everything was receiving blood well.  During my ER visit I had blood pressure readings of roughly 150 over 50.  I do not get these palpitations anymore, but I do have a slight palpitation throughout my stomach chest neck and sometimes head (my bp now is 120/80).  I have ringing in my right ear, by the way.  I'm not sure if it should be of concern.  Whenever I drink caffeine now my bp goes high systolic low diastolic and I get palpitations.  I took some gingko biloba tonight (which I know is a vaso dilator, but should lower your bp) because I have ringing in my ear and thought it might help and got the high syst. low diast. bp again with palpitations.  

Does this sound like stiff arteries, a hypertrophied heart, or a blocked artery?  I have low cholesterol and a low bodyfat %.
Does this sound like some sort of blood vessel disorder?
I am worried because I read a high pulse pressure (difference between syst. and diast.) can cause aging of the brain, heart and kidneys
Can I reverse this? (I'm never touching any lifting supplements again)
How long do you think it might take if I can?  I do have some exercise intolerances now, but I seem to slowly be getting better.
Should I go back to see a cardiologist or another doctor?  I saw the cardiologist in the hospital and didn't get a chance to discuss everything very well.

I was thinking maybe I can take the stress off my body by dropping 25 pounds (I'm 165 now) through diet and exercises such as yoga (light exercise doesn't bother me, usually not even push ups, but heavy exercise seems to).  I was going to add some omega 3 to my diet as well.

I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions to help my problem; this is really affecting my life.  I would prefer not to go on bp medications since I am so young and don't want to screw up my health anymore than it already is.
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You should always tell a consultant everything you are taking, no matter if it's embarrassing. You can always ask to speak to them in private. There may be a well known side effect to the chemicals taken and your consultant would put you onto the best remedy immediately.
When I started martial arts training years ago, we had to do an intensive hour of anerobic exercises before an  hour of actual training. This made me feel physically sick for the first few weeks (went 5 days a week). I would suddenly hear a rushing in my ears and if I didn't sit down quickly enough then I would feel very sick and dizzy. With body building, I believe a lot of it is anerobic, which basically means that your heart cannot possibly supply enough oxygen for energy conversion in the muscle tissue. Muscles have to resort to using reserves to compensate and if you are low on reserves, you can cause physical problems over time. Diet is of top priority for this. You probably take lots of protein to build muscle bulk but you must consider energy from other types of foods.
At your age, any damage done (if any) will repair but I doubt if you have anything seriously wrong. Your arteries will still be very supple and elastic at your age and not stiff. I would read up on different food types and the best for giving instant energy, and also put some into reserve.
One thing I would like to ask, but please don't take it personally. Are you actually doing all this to be fit? it that the real purpose? or are you just trying to look good? I have seen bodies put through those ordeals, arnie is the classic, but it isn't the natural form for the human body. Look at our closest relatives in nature who are many times stronger than us. Fitness is measured by the heart and if you want to be fit then I would concentrate on cardio vascular exercises which are good for the heart. Many body builders who take supplements end up on stronger ones such as steriods and this causes heart damage long term. I'm sure you are sensible and doing some internet research can go a long way, especially about diet.
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