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Please explain to me my 2d Echocardiography &color doppler report

I'm 27 yrs old with mri pacemaker install nad this is my latest echo report can anyone explain plz.?
Summary & comments
• Dilated LA/LV/RA/RV with global LV and RV hypokinesia with overall LVEF~20% with severe MR.
• There is moderate TR                 with moderate PAH.
• No valvular stenosis or intracardiac shunt.
• No vegetation or thrombus or intracardiac mass.
• No pericardial pathology.

# Dilated LA/LV/RA/RV with global LV and RV hypokinesia with overall LVEF~20% with severe MR.
# Moderate TR with moderate PAH.
# No LV clot.
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It means the muscle of your heart is pretty darn diseased, the pacemaker is the treatment for this, unfortunately at 27 with an ef at 20% you're running out of options. Without an effective treatment an lvad and transplant might be in the future.
Also i didnt see the severe mr.. A new mitral valve will come first.

Theyll try the valve, if you dont improve from there lvad transplant is the next step.
Thnks sir ..how many days i still live without any treatment and what is Ivad.
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