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Poll: Do you know your cholesterol.....and.are you taking a statin?

Do you know your cholesterol numbers?  Are you taking a statin medication?  If so, have your cholesterol levels improved?
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Thanks!!  I will be sure to pass along the information!  Always learning something around here....LOL

Thanks for the link.  I'm looking forward to checking it out!  Is niacin something you can take on your own?  Or, do you need an RX?  
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I just had my annual physical and was disheartened to hear the results of my lipid panel. Total cholesterol is 240, triglycerides 67, HDL 54, LDL 172.

I eat very healthy, low fat, heart healthy food. Both my parents and 3 of my sibs have high cholesterol so  my PCP started me on 20mg of Simvastatin. I will have my levels checked again in 6 weeks. Will let you know if there is any change.
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Thanks for sharing Brooke_38!  

It's interesting to see the wide variations in the numbers as well as the treatment options....
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I am 25 and on liptor 20mg. My total was 240 before meds and now my total is at 180-190. It only brought my tris down from 600 to between 350 - 400 so i am working on that now. No side effects.
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Hi well I was thinking mine was really good!  After going to the http link now I'm not sure.  :-O    Total is 203 Trig. 100   HDL 56   LDL 127 and  Lipoprotein A 31.  ???  

Well maybe it will go down some more
in time at least it's going down..........{ : - )
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Great results!!!  
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