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Pounding heart beat everytime I try to fall asleep/ Am I sick or just crazy???????

Hello*** I was wondering if anyone could provide me a little information and possibly some relief to the problem I am experiencing right now.  Every night for the past week or so, when I try to fall asleep, my heart rate accelerates tremendously and pounds like crazy.  Normally I never have any trouble falling asleep so this is becoming somewhat of an annoyance because I actually FEEL sleepy but because my heart beats so fast and so hard it keeps me awake.  I can feel it throughtout my body and it lasts for hours. I try so hard to fall asleep that I have come up with little tricks to kind of "pych myself out".  Like I try rolling over in different positions trying to offset the rhythm so hopefully when it starts again it will be normal. I try to clear my mind totally.  After a while I will doze off, (without me knowing but I'm not complaining) but I'll wake like 45 min later only to realize that my heart is still beating as hard as ever.  If I get really annoyed I'll try to stand up, walk around or go for a drink of water.  But nothing helps.  And I'm so sleepy. As soon as I settle back in it starts again. I have had anxiety issues in the past but I think what made it worse for me is that at first I didn't know what it was.  Then once I became more aware of what an actual "anxiety attack" was it just kind of went away on its own.  And I do admit I was dealing with a whole lot at the time.  But now, on the contrary, there has been no extreme changes in my life or anything I would say I am really stressed or worried over; @ night all I pretty much want to do is sleep and I can't.  It's coming to the point now that I am almost expecting my "nightly episodes", like I'm looking for it to start.  And this is an obsession (an unhealthy one at that) that I don't care to have!  The way my heart beats it feels like to me that it is pumping way too much blood throughout my body for too long of a time,  my heart might burst, or I may die in my sleep.  Its poisoning my thoughts and I wish I knew what to do to make it stop.  I'm afraid. Please help.
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Hi,I am Raihan from Assam,India.I have been facing the same problem for the last few months.Whenever I try to sleep my heart beat becomes so hard that I can feel in my whole body.I can understand from your above reply that it may be because of anxiety. I am jobless for the last 2months and I think, thinking of that makes my heart pound so hard while trying to sleep.

If I try to sleep early(say by 10:30) and if everything is OK like no hard pounding of heart then my sleep breaks by 1am and I can't sleep the whole night.

Most of the time when my heart pounds hard I can't sleep the whole night and fall asleep in the morning by 6am.

I have analysed that it is happening to me because of less intake of water. I hardly take 2ltrs of water in 3-4 days or sometimes in winter it is 1ltr in 1 week.

Even while writing this my heart is pounding hard and I am awake(at 3am) because I was unable to sleep due to hard heart beats.
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Hello, I have the same problem and I am almost 100% certain it's anxiety. This has been going on for a few months. It first happened while in a movie theater, my heart started pounding, felt like passing out so I went to the hospital. They diagnosed it as SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia). I wore a heart monitor for a month, had an ultrasound of my heart as well as EKGs and blood tests, nothing showed up. It's been going on ever since. There was a death close to my family prior to this (I think what set it off) and ever since then I've felt I've had some untreated medical condition that no one understands. I have many other anxiety symptoms, worry a lot and my heart seems to pound, especially at night or when trying to relax for no good reason. This worrying seems to fuel it even more. Sometimes I can't fall asleep until 3am. At times I don't feel stressed but my body obviously is. I workout 5 days a week, don't drink coffee or do drugs. I'm only 19 and hope this can get fixed.
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Im having the same problem hence landing on this page,trying to find an answer.mine felt lijr tachycardia ,vry bouncy through my neck and chest
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I'm 36, in shape, non smoker.

I've been dealing with this off and on for the last two yrs.  Two emergency trips.  Normal blood work, EKG, Chest Xray. head CT Scan, MRI.  Most recently I have been dealing with this for about a week.  When I am at that twilight point about to fall asleep, it feels like sinking feeling then a shock.....and my heart goes racing.  Saw a Cardiologist... Again normal EKG and examine.  I am currently on a heart monitor.  Been driving me crazy.  
Did you figure it out?
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This has been so helpful. I have been going crazy. I haven't had money to go to doctor. Will have medicare in Feb and plan to get this taken care of. I have not had a good night's sleep in a long time and it is really getting to me. I will have to force myself to drink water. I didn't realize that this was such a common thing. When I lay down and start to doze my heart will all of a sudden beat hard and I go into a full panic attack. I have been having a lot of anxiety issues before this. Having trouble breathing. I get out of breath real easy. If I can't get my throat cleared I panic and can't catch my breath I go into a full anxiety/panic attack. I feel like I am going to die.  All of this has started this year. I have just started having phobias. Claustrophobia, fear of death,etc. I really feel I am going crazy. I feel that finding this site with all of yalls comments on your situations has really been a real help. It's a start. Thank you all. And good luck!
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Hello everyone, I have also been going through the same! It's really bad I get stressed every time I try to sleep just by hearing my heartbeat, the bed even moves, its like a mini earthquake!. I've become emotionally sensitive to any weird sensation I feel. I've been researching everywhere since my medical results are coming in about a month, I think I have developed  like health anxiety or something, panic attacks I suppose as well. I don't have any concrete information about my health and it's driving me crazy. I will visit the endocrinologist for the glands, cardiologist for chest pains and the powerful hammer like heart beats, neurologist and psychologist. I want to eliminate every variable before I can say its only mentally related because its so hard to believe, but its a possibility. I admit I went on a mission to change my lifestyle and exposed myself to uncomfortable places and people, I guess this are the results Idk. This feels like I have crossed the line to insanity, getting crazy for any new symptom or weird feeling I have, researching everything, overthinking it all every day. I can't sleep anymore because my mind just doesn't shut up. Good luck guys we will get through this! Oh I almost forgot I went to the ER and everything was ok, they told me that it was extreme anxiety but I honestly don't know.
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Hello, I started having all kinds of heart issues and then started getting anxiety. I don't know what came first. The two seemed to compound themselves. Two weeks ago I decided to do the Master Cleanse and somehow my anxiety went away and so did my heart problems. My heart has not gone into atrial fib since then.  I really didn't know if the cleanse would do anything, I was just desperate so I tried it. It was very hard the first two days but then got easier as I noticed improvements. It really works! Please try it.
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Thank you very much your comment just killed my anxiety , I love you no homo wether your a girl or a guy
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I have had these rapid heart palpitations for years off and on. Once I got my c-pap they stopped.... they only come back when my back gets out of place. I know it sounds freaky but it is true. I have had them last for 15-20 min until I can get someone to twist me sideways and push on my mid back. When I see my Chiropractor off and on it goes away. Sometimes it triggers them when I am lying on my left side. For some reason my heart doesn't like it. My c-pap doc says that when my heart was starving for oxygen it would beat hard and fast to try to get more oxygen. So I wake up and do some deep breathing and change positions. That's why the relaxation exercises work.
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I have CAD and sleep apnea. My Doctors advise against sleeping pills and muscle relaxers because they can slow the heart in some people and cause shallow breathing which makes tachy worse
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I had adrenal burnout really bad years ago and that is when my problem started. I also had bad muscle spasms in my back and would stay "out of place in the thoracic area" Which made it worse. When I went to the Chiropractor it would go away for a long time. I had to get off of all stimulants. No coffee!
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I have this problem too, the heart pounding as soon as my head hits the pillow. I don't doubt that for a lot of people, it's anxiety. But I DON'T HAVE anxiety. It's just an annoying heart pounding that keeps me awake. I will guzzle water before going to bed, thinking it's because I'm dehydrated, but it doesn't seem to help. Maybe makes it worse? I have no feelings of worry, no doom and gloom. My life is fine. I'm just lying there, SUPER tired and THUMP THUMP THUMP. I might as well turn the stereo on full volume than try to go to sleep. SO ANNOYING!!!
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I have the same problem.
Its been more than a year that im having proparanolol which is a beta blocker to control my fast heart beat and chest pain. Doctor told me that my adrenal caused this and the reason behind why my adrenal is not working properly is because i passed a bad anxiety period.
Every night i try to fall sleep my fast heart beat starts and in the morning, i have the same problem when i wake up. Usually when i sit and take deep breath, the peoblem goes away fast but the moment i lay on bed, it starts again.
If anybody had the same peoblem and managed to fix it, please tell me?
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Exactly! For me it seems to disappear the moment i get out of bed...
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39 / Male here.

High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea and (Dun dun DUN) Anxiety Disorder.

For the past few days, when I retire to bed (usually around 1:30 AM), I get tucked in, lights out, and in that twilight-period just as sleep is about to come, I get chest pain and can feel my heart pounding.

I get up and my heart is fine. Normal pulse, etc.


This is awful.

I also noticed I had some, I dunno, pre-dream, waking-dream images?

My CPAP can't get here fast enough.
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I have a same problem last 18 months. First palpitations I've got 5,5 years ago just woke up with very fast heart beat, walked around and drink water. Nothing after but 18 months ago we had too much work, bought the house and my wife pregnant. One night had fast palpitation and from that time its just comes and goes. Mainly during weekend while I am trying to rest or sleep, with similar symptons, can't sleep, or wake up around 1 or 2 am afraid that my heart stop beating, and can't fall asleep again, sometimes I have trouble with my left shoulder and arm, sensation or tingling, some days very tired just want to go to bed and sleep even I know I won't. I had acupuncture done 6months ago 4 sessions and my fast heart beat is gone, doctor was very helpful. But I can't still feel pounding while in bed. I recently changed the job (last 5 years everysecond week on call, expecting that anyone can call me 24/7 include weekends, lot of overtime, no rest ) I just could not handle it. I thought it will be hard but it was not, important thing is to do the first step and have your family behind you, I've got less money, but less stress, much more happier and slowly I am getting better. Friend of mine had similar problems and told it could take 3 to 6 months to get better, but I need to change my thinking too. Calm down, read books, watch less tv and monitors.
Also I visited very good chiropractor kynesiologist and she did few test on me. After the session she gave me magnesium Blackmores P.C.M.P. and have 1 tablet 3 times a day or if I feel palpitation or pounding have 1 tablet every hour no more than 6 tablets ( 1 tablet  65mg ), or I bought magnesium flakes and I dissolve the flakes in water 40 - 50 gram in 1 liter and I spray my chest before sleeping or area with the problem.
If we don't have enough magnesium in our body we muscle crumps (heart is the strongest and toughest muscle in our body ) involuntary eye movement or other symptoms.
Read this website http://www.ancient-minerals.com/magnesium-deficiency/symptoms-signs/
Very helpful.
Also I stopped drinking coffee (very hard, had headache for 3 - 4 weeks but drink a lot of water) huge addiction
Also I reduced meat, big portion of food and I am eating more vegetable, nuts, lentils, peas, beans.

But I definitely try have a shower, read the book and have hot water bottle handy.
Hopefuly someone will find my information helpfull. If I know something more I will share.
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Sorry one more thing I had all heart exams and everythings normal. And I am 39 years old. Maybe I am scarred that I will turn 40 soon. Everything possible. Have agood night
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Hi my name is Amin I'm 28 and
I have the same problem for past 5 years .
Im a none smoker, non alchoholic, no drug. I was doing 5 hours per day all kind of sports specially football and my weight was 78kg and I'm 92Kg now.
I was living alone for long time and  I was sleeping so late and I was drinking too much redbull befor because of exams.
when ever i was sleeping in front of TV or I went to bed when i felt sleep with very small noice or even without any noice suddenly my heart was pumping very bad and my body was getting so tired Like I did a very heavy exersice and after that I was relaxed and I could sleep. But after some time it became worth and one night I felt very bad and upnormal and I went to hospital I had short breath and I felt my heart is out of my chest and I had dizziness. And after that I could not sleep for 8 month at all even I used high dosage of sleeping pills by doctor prescription but I could not sleep.
From that time I left my sport and I was worry always. For 3 years I used INDERAL pill.even last time it happens to me inside the airplane I became like a wood and I had too much dizziness for 30 min and for past 2 years I got fobia of flight too.
Since that time I have fobia too be alone at home, I have fobia to go to water park or travel by car and go to and empty road and ... .
In one word this issue canceled all my plans and my daily routines.
At the moment I don't have this issue during sleep but 4 or 5 times a week it happens and mostly when I'm sitting badly and I feel that there is gas flowing along my chest and my throat. I have short breath and my blood pressure is going up and I feel sweaty and sometimes shaking.
I'm really fed up and I'm looking for a solution if there is any.

That, Amin, is probably Anxiety or more likely Panic Disorder. Get yourself to a clinic and they can get you some anti-anxiety meds. If you can, go to a psychiatrist to get a full diagnosis by someone who knows what's going on. If this is Panic then meds should be enough to get you back on track. I see a lot of people like this try therapy our self help mumbojumbo just to end up where they started; this is most likely a imbalance of chemicals in your brain so unless you can right that wrong no amount of "and how does that make you feel" will help. Just take the meds and once they kick in go out and do those things you say are phobias. Having a panic attack will give you an avoidance behavior, or as you say a phobia, towards every thing, place, and even people that you perceived while having the attack. So once on medication you can teach your brain these are not bad things by observing these things under a positive light.

This is learned from many doctor visits, research, and personal experience.
Ps:Once medicated some self help mumbojumbo actually does the mind some good so don't count that out entirely :)
Also sorry if I post this twice I have no experience with this site
From my experience instead of chemical try good acupuncture, helped me a lot, drink water get vitamin B6, B12 potassium magnesium one banana and avocado, 20 grams of nuts a day
Walking helping a lot too, I read the article about connection between carpal tunnel and heart palpitation too, check it too. Have you got any trouble with your arm hands???
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Had the same problem for a while. Now it got worse - did not sleep all night yesterday.  Just at the moment of falling a sleep the crazy heart racing starts and wakes me up. My heart rate is also very slow though . My cardiologist did not find anything wrong. I am going to ask him to put me on roundaclock portable heart monitor. So many people of different ages are suddenly having the same problem. Can it be induced by another vicious virus? If I learn more I will post. Wonder if this is a man's only issue - see no girls responding to this, though I might miss.

Someone mentioned sleep apnea. My doc explained that sleep apnea is mot like pauses in breathing, not heart palpitations. Wish all of us quickest recovery from this mystery, so help us God!
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Last night after falling asleep for an hour I woke up with my heart pounding out of my chest,it happens to me every once in a while and I so have panic attacks and bad anxiety..I talked to my friend who is a medical assistant she's very smart and she told me it's anxieties I haven't taken my meds in the past couple of days and I've been totally stressed at work cause I hate my job with a passion anyway I find that taking my meds at night helps but we deal with so much in this world stress is bad so try and get it under control b/c it will make u sick trust me
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Hey fellas, been reading through the comments and I seem to have the same problem. Trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden my heart starts beating like a drum. I'm nearly 100% it's from anexity, I know what I'm nervous about (sadly it's a girl). Just looking for ideas how to beat this thing, I know it's all a mind game but not sure how to win over the crazy mind.
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Hi I have been having somewhat of the same problem. I am 20 years old and when lying down or taking a nap or going to sleep my heart beat gets faster and can feel it like its going to jump out of my chest sometimes. I've gone to the doctors before for palpitations with a skipping heart beats but they went awhile for awhile. I'm not sure if this is the same. I feel short of breath, I have chest pain on the left side, and a couple occasions I found myself not breathing in my sleep for a few seconds. I also feel that I need to take deep breaths.I am easily tired and I get migraines This is very uncomfortable. Unfortunately I also have a seizure disorder, and stress way to much. I'm not sure if this is just stress or anxiety or nothing at all. What do u guys think?
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I've got the same problem but few months ago I had pain in neck and some problems with my left hand too so I asked to have MRI of my neck and my disk 6,7 are pinching nerves going to my arm. I read few articles related to this problem and many people complain about the same thing. Left arm and chest discomfort. In many cases chest discomfort it is not heart problem but neck problem. I had holter monitor twice last year for 3 days, stress test and my heart and arteries are perfect. I started to do some shoulder and neck exercise  and I feel better now
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I have no advice, but would like to express my thanks for all the posts. I've been up all night with this, more or less for the first time (I had a similar experience during the day a couple of months ago) and its now 6am. Reassuring that so many have the same symptoms, even if I'm still awake!
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Thank you all for the posts.

I am a healthy 24 year old. No drugs, no smoking and I have been experiencing really hard heartbeats over the last two weeks. No history of any heart problems in my family, and no unusual stresses/reasons for anxiety. I also exercise regularly.

A little over a month ago I noticed heart palpitations and thus reduced my caffeine intake to try and control them... About a week ago this situation started affecting my sleep. My heart was beating so hard it felt like a jackhammer at night. I turned up the TV to drown them out before going to sleep. I tried different positions, drinking more water, sleeping more, reading before bed, and showering at different times.

I also began keeping track of my BPM at bedtime and when I woke up, and the speed was normal at all times: not too fast, just "hard".

I went to a walk-in clinic and did blood tests. Blood pressure was normal, and the doc didn't hear anything off. The blood tests all came back fine.

A few days ago I grabbed a stethoscope and listened - I don't recommend this! Every few heartbeats, one would be slightly delayed, and the one that followed would be really HARD. It drove me crazy.It seemed very unusual as I also heard some quick double beats and other unusual rhythms. I went to the ER to do an ECG and surprise: everything seemed normal. The doctor informed me that it was only a 6 second sample and it may not have caught what I was describing.

At the end of this week I have a 48hr holter test booked which I hope may answer some questions.

All in all, this is affecting my quality of life negatively. I have no answers as to what it could be, and the worst part is I don't think I'll be having a normal night of sleep for the next few weeks.

Just wanted to share my experience on this journey as my family and friends think I "need to relax". Thank you all for sharing tips and tricks to getting a situation like this under control.
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Somebody gave me Youtube links for breathing excercies that might help this situation. They do not seem to work for me, but may for some of you out there.

For other's in my situation, I would recommend to stay away from sleeping pills!
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Hi everyone, I am very very encouraged and grateful to see that so many people have this similar disorder.  That sounds bad. I am not grateful that you are suffering from this. You know what I mean. There is a sense of relief that I am not crazy and hardly alone.  My story:

At age 21 I got in a bad car accident.  Car was totaled, but I walked out of it pretty much fine.  Soft tissue trauma/injuries.   I was not alarmed in the ensuing weeks and months when I began dealing with a lot of bodyaches and sleepless nights. However after several months my condition was not improving. By the time the aches and pains subsided, I was still dealing with  sleeplessness and non-restorative sleep. One of the features of my condition was that I had a normal heart rate, but when lying down to sleep it felt like it was beating very very very hard.   So hard that with each heartbeat it felt like someone was thumping me in my neck and in my head.   Long story short, all of the standard tests and screenings showed no problems with my heart. I did not go as far as having a 24/48 hour monitor, though I plan to request one now.  Over the years, I just learned to cope with it one way or another.

Fast forward 13 years. I am 34 years old, I have a daughter who is a year and a half. In combination with the sleeplessness of having a child, and also occasional periods of heightened stress or anxiety, nothing extraordinary, just the ordinary things that people deal with, my life has become  unmanageable when I have flareups. After sitting on this for more than a decade, I have recently begun doing my own due diligence and looking into treatment options.   Among the posts that I've seen thus far, I've seen only a couple that seem identical to my condition. Namely, the heavy heartbeat is constant regardless of  stress or anxiety. During periods of heightened stress, the symptoms are simply magnified. Secondly, I do not experience any significant increase in heart rate. It is just the intensity of the beat.  I consider myself to be in very good health overall. I'm 6 foot one, 175 pounds, non-smoker, eat well, and I work out four days a week swimming.  Anyways, I am very grateful to have found this thread and felt I should contribute with my own story. Good luck to everyone.
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So I've been reading these postings about pounding heartbeats, specifically when lying down to sleep at night. Recently I've begun experiencing this same issue. I've been to the doc twice and he attributes it to anxiety.

Some backround: Male, age 64, non-smoker, light drinker, normal weight for my height, take no meds. About two months ago I began to experience shooting pains in both big toes. These episodes became more frequent and I finally when to the doc who thought it might be a nerve impingement and had me do back exercises. The toe pain became less frequent but then I began to develop tingling in my hand and soles of my feet. I started to have difficulty sleeping. At about the same time I gave up coffee and alcohol cold turkey to see it that had any affect on the tingling and insomnia but it didn't seem to make a difference. Then one night I got in bed and my heart began to pound and I felt like a light bulb had been turned on inside me. My blood pressure, normally 115/65, was 145/80. The more it pounded, the more it scared me.I went back to the doc, told him my story, and he said it was most likely caused by anxiety and prescribed lorazepam to me help me sleep.

So now I still have the tingling, most of the time I seem to feel wired, and as I approach bedtime the tingling gets worse and I actually do feel anxious about whether I'll be able to fall and stay asleep. The meds don't always work and I wake up after about an hour, heart pounding, feeling wired, with no sleep in sight.

I'm thinking this is just more than plain anxiety and that's there is something neurological going on. Anyway, I thought I would post this to see if there was anyone with symptoms similar to mine.

Your thought?

Did you figure it out? This is similar to my symptoms. I have numbness in my fingers and a wired feeling. Get in touch if you can.
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Many thanks for your comments, I exactly took your advice (having shower at 7pm, no any electrical or electronica equipment after shower, books only) after two nights stay-up with pounding heart beat. at first book night , I still had one or two times pounding heart beat during sleep. but it was so great that I didn't stay up nearly whole night ! then, I added some massage, and try to practice a little bit Tachi, it looks better and better. next step, I will add day exercise in!
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I also have this issue and my mom thinks I just have really good hearing. Sometimes when I'm in my resting state my whole body moves along with my heartbeat.I've been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I think that's the main reason why I have this. Doctor said he didn't hear anything out of the norm but being me, I'm getting really angry about it and I want it to go away. I can't take it anymore
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I have experience the same thing. The worst thing is i cant sleep for 7 nights. Im totally lost and confuse
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Same story here. Go to toilet, **** as much as you can and empty your stomach. It really helps.
Well I did all possible blood tests and two ultrasound tests. Hearing that my heart has a normal shape and that all the valves are properly working really helped the situation. The first 48Hour holter monitor shows nothing out of the ordinary (I didn't really feel this during that period) now the cardiologist offered a week long holter - if that is not enough they are able to extend it.

My experience so far tells me that you need to think about some of the bad habits and do whatever you need to do to change them (fix bad sleeping habits, bad eating habits, eat breakfast, go for walks, jogs, bike rides, and take breaks from the computer screens).
Wow I can't believe these many people have the same problem I am having. It's not an everyday occurrence it only happens once in a while. Had test done and everything and was told I was having anxiety attacks and my heart beat was fast so the doctor prescribed propanalol to slow my heart down some. It worked for the most part. Was also prescribed Xanax but I never took them. I don't wanna feel all doppy lol. But I commented on this post because for some odd reason when this happens I go on the toilet and have to take a number 2 and after I'm done I feel better and my heart slows down. I don't know if this is some kind of placebo effect or maybe there is more to it. I would get these episodes so bad that I would get really cold and start shivering uncontrollable and can't stop. I even called the ambulance a few times cause I was so scared. My resting heart beats per minute were around 125 to 130. That is pretty high for a resting heart. Everytime I have my blood pressure taken they say it's almost text book good usually around 120 over 60. I don't know what causes this and the doctors aren't either. They are stumped and can only figure out I have anxiety. Well I hope everyone feels better. If this happens you can always try to go outside and breath in the air. Take deep breaths and try to calm yourself down.
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Hello, I know you posted this quite sometime ago but I have started experiencing this at night and your description fits me to a tee.  Heart pounding, sinking feeling...did you every figure out what was causing it?  Thank you!
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Sounds like sleep anxiety,  you obsess that much about heart pounding and not sleeping that you don't sleep because of your heart racing.

I suffer from it myself, you can't force yourself to sleep,  you associate bed with heart racing and not sleeping,  so guess what - You don't sleep because of your heart racing!

When I don't think about, not thinking about not sleeping and heart racing,  I sleep!
hi everyone am 30 yrs..am having this issue of pounding heart every night it drives me crazy.. is making me to be having negative thought like is like am goin to die..have gone for ECG and echodiagram..last month and my heart is very much owk no heart disease.. I was happy to see d result buh this issue of nt sleeping in the night will be forcing my self to sleep and will be having bad thought ..pls I need some help is making me unhappy.. tnx
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hi there, i am jeffrey, i am having this problem since i took my hypertension pills. i couldnt sleep because i can hear my heart pounding. it is pounding at the back of my head as well. i think its already been 4 months now since i lost my ability to sleep soundly. it is really hard and all of the comments here are the ones that i have been experiencing right now. i will go tru all the comments to help me sleep. i had an episode when i didnt sleep for 3 days and i went to the hospital, they gave me lexotan and i slept really soundly after that. i really dont want to rely on pills and medication for me to sleep but that is the only thing that makes me sleep now. but i will try to do all the things you guys have been suggesting and i really hope that i can do this without the pills. i am glad that other people experience this so i can see where i can go from here. thank you guys so much for sharing this. i will keep you posted on my progress.
Im having the same problem right now. Its 1am and i have popped up 3 times already. Its really scaring me. I dont knw wat to do
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I feel all of your pains. I've been experiencing this rapid heart beat that prevent me from sleeping twice in my life. I am 29 now.
I understand this is very depressing and you are extremely scared. At some point, you feel that your world has ended as nothing can help to cure this.
If you feel these, I would like to this you that it's not that bad as you think.
Firstly, this is all because of what and how you think. I believe most of the ppl will think of difficulties in getting sleep all day and this is what making you more depressed. What you can do to OVERCOME this is that the way you think. STOP thinking of getting hard to sleep at night. STOP to be scared of this. STOP to be depressed by this thing.
I can assure you this will really help in overcoming this stupid thing.
Be BRAVE and THINK about your family. They need you and you can't be depressing the wholr life because of this.
This is NOT a disease and that's why doctor can't find out.
For my case, sport helps a lot. I play football so that I sweat a lot and feel refreshed.
CONTROL yourself from thinking about this all day. THINK positively.
Again, you have to really tell yourself that this is not a disease and it won't be with you the whole life.
You CAN and SHOULD overcome it. STOP being depressing and find some activities that makes you feel relieved. Eg sports.
I am writing this at 1am as I am experincing this stupid rapid heart beat that makes me depressed for the 2nd time in my whole life. Anyway, I am facing it very positively and this shall not affecting my life or my very bright future.
Lastly, I would like to STRESS this again, this is NO big deal. NO world ends. NO depressing. In life, you will meet more challenging difficulties and this is just a very minor stupid slepping problem that should not affecting us much and long.
I hope this helps some of you. Sorry for my poor english.

You got your idea across very nicely, and your attitude is both great and correct!
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I have this same problem Plus other symptoms and conditions. Has anyone checked their vitamin levels? I have an on-going Low B12 issue. I've had this problem since middle school, but it wasn't diagnosed until I was 17-18 years old (I'm 25 now). I just got my blood work done 3 weeks ago and this time I also have low vit D. My heart palpitations, which are more noticeable when I lay down to rest (night or day), started at the same time as my other symptoms.  
Idk how to edit the post, but all my apostrophes turned into symbols.
hi HDbrite
did you find out what cause the heart pounding all day/night?
and can you sleep?

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Do not eat any meat, carbs or possibly anything at least 3 hours before going to bed. If it starts, eat a WHOLE apple and maybe a little water. Works for me everytime...
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A pounding heart is often caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure.

When you sleep your blood vessles relax and your blood pressure naturally drops drops. However if you also have a low blood volume, your heart has to beat harder and faster to ensure enough blood oxygen is supplied to your organs.

It is often accompanied by feeling thirsty, this is because you may be dehydrated and as a result have a low blood volume. To increase your blood volume, drink a few glasses of water. After allowing time for the water to enter your blood stream approx 30-60 minutes you should be able to sleep easily.

Other things that may help include always consuming the recommended amount of water each day, wearing compression socks, taking any missing prescribed medication, and raising your feet in bed.

As always if symptoms persist or are sever consult your doctor.
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They They say you find what your looking for when you stop looking for it. This has happened to me a couple of times before it's actually happening to me right now. And honestly most of the time it's better to ignore it. By that I mean just stop trying to go to sleep, watch videos on your phone until you can't take anymore and you fall asleep on your own without knowing it. Well at least that's how I did it. The angrier you get, the harder you try, it's just comes back anyways. I know how frustrating that is but just try what I did it's worked for me already. If that doesn't work and nothing else works go see a doctor or take some sleeping pills even though I personally don't like taking sleeping pills. Good luck yo.
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Hello everyone! I m having thensame problem! Everytime i m in the transition to fall asleep my heart start racing, and drags me out of sleep. It all started like 2 years ago when i almost fainted with a joint( i normally dont smoke). One week after this episode it happened fornthe first time. I just was not able to fall asleep, the day after got a benzo. All worked fine.. didnt have it till 3weeks ago. I had really bad episodes and was in panic. Doctor prescribed me benzo for 3 weeks. I now finished it, and its my second night i cant sleep. I m going tomorrow to the doctor again... i m quite scared this can be permanent. Does anyone knows about this? Any sugestions?
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You are definitely not alone. I think we are all part of a silent secret club.

4 months ago, I went to bed and didn't sleep well that night. It was no big deal. I had bouts of insomnia before, I work very hard, I have an obsessive mind, I am detailed oriented and hyper at times. Never really stopped me however. It would come and go about twice a year lasting no longer than say a week.  I am also a nervous person. So I have the groundwork for insomnia and anxiety but I never really had problems with either.

I am over 40 now, and for the first time ever I am experiencing anxiety because for the last 4 months I have not slept well. Sleep used to be my favorite time. Now I dread nighttime. And I do my best not to feel this way.

The symptoms are, I could be falling asleep on the couch, in fact I could fall asleep and sleep on the couch for an hour or two but the moment I go to bed, my heart starts pounding, and this warmth travels up my chest to my neck, beads of sweat show up at my hairline. And at it worst I start getting tremors and even teeth clattering. So part of this is anxiety yes. But read on.

My heart starts pounding even sometimes during the day when I am at my calmest. My sternum is so sore, like it's been punched. Sometimes I even get tingling hot/cold in my hands and feet.

I have been checked for heart problems with EKG, EchoCardiogram and Holter monitor. It came back all clear.

My Gastro doc is not buying gerd, or spasms in the esophagus doing this. He said, nah when I described it.

My GP is throwing random medications at me. She is seeing high blood pressure because I CANT SLEEP. So she put me on blood pressure med which made things so much worse for me. I had to stop. She put me also on trazadone which creates as much trouble as it fixes. I would not recommend it.

So at this point I don't even know what doc to go to next and I am starting to believe that maybe I am having panic attacks except about what?? I have no children, I simplified my work responsibilities, I exercise, I eat only organic and well balanced small meals. I don't have any problems in my life worth mentioning. I am actually a lot calmer, cooler, and centered I have ever been. So I should not be getting this problem still but it keeps coming back.

I get sometimes a two week break with no problems and sometimes I have the problem EVERY night.

Exhausted, in tears, bewildered and very sad. I have always been a very healthy person I don't understand what's going on. I feel helpless, and hopeless. I try to be cool about it, but at the end of the day this is very hard to accept.

It never occurred to me that this could be a spinal problem. And here was a hint, a very good massage or routine visit to the Chiropractor would actually make it better for a few days. So you folks might be onto something here.

Thanks for the tip!
I am exactly in the same boat as you are. Writing this comment at 5:40am on a saturday been awake since 2am. I will definitely try massage. Hope it helps. Thanks!
I have read all the comments as I had the exact same thing happen to me.  Mine started after I had been ill with some kind of bad virus.  I've been able to get some sleep.  Just thought I would share what worked and maybe it will help someone.  First I don't try to go to bed very late.  It seems to be worse if I try to delay going to bed even though it stresses me to think about it.  Then I try to relax and pray or breathe and count.  If after awhile I don't fall  asleep, I take a Gaba Calm that I got at the Health Food store.  I get the losenges that your dissolve in your mouth.  Then I continue to to try to breathe/count.  Sometimes just this works.  After awhile if this doesn't work, I will take an OTC sleep aid (Diphenhydramine HCl).  This eventually gets me to sleep.  Hope it helps.
how are you feeling now?
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Hi everybody

My husband has the same problem since 2 months.  He gets desperate each night. Before it didnt take him more than 5 minutes to fall asleep and like a stone.
Now his heart doenst let him in peace!! He feels it the whole night!!
Acupuntur is helping him a bit. Specially during the day because he also feels his heart then.
He also found some exercises -Autogenes Training- those exercises are also really good. They help him to get relax.
Tv before going to bed is terrible.
Read something, or have some quite sex, yesterday that helped!!!  or a bit talking in the darkness also.
I think I give him some support . Find somebody to share your problem.
Wish you all of you good luck!!
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I read this thread 2 moths back when I was having the same problem. Heart pounding in my chest during night time which in the least was very distracting. Thankfully I found the reason for this. It was night time hypoglycemia. Seems like my blood glucose levels seemed to drop near the 10:30 mark which is when I usually go to sleep. So my suggestion, try cosuming plentiful of carbs before going to sleep. Also if this does work, you should probably get yourself a diabetic profile done.
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This happens to me also and quite frequently. Measured my heart rate after being slightly alarmed at it a few nights ago and found that it was higher than even a target rate for cardio exercises. I am very frightened that I'm going to just have a heart attack in my sleep. I am over weight and I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant, I'm concerned that if I ask a doctor they will just tell me to lose weight but that they won't actually help me sleep better...
If you know your doctor is going to tell you to lose weight you should really start on that journey. It will help lower your blood pressure and stabilize your heart rate. Eating healthy and at the correct times of day (not just before bed, no snacking at midnight etc.) will also help your circadian rhythm allowing deeper and more restful sleep. You should also try a broad spectrum mineral capsule this too will help with sleep.  Rapid heart beats, ectopic beats, palpitations and PACs are a side effect of something else going on in the body (stress, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, poor diet).. Lifestyle changes will help eliminate these issues.
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After I had my youngest child, I started experiencing a pounding heart at night when I laid down to go to sleep.  I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse.
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Hi all! I've finally found a solution to my insomnia and what triggers it.
Just to point out, I've never ever had sleep problems or anxiety feelings in my entire life. I was always that kid on the block that could sleep whenever and wherever (loud noise and light have never disturbed me falling asleep). Only recently when I've changed university due to a combination of lack of interest and no help from the professors, I've gone through a lot of terrible exams where I constantly was failing.
After I've changed university to something I rather preferred, the exams went absolutely brilliantly. But then suddenly during the exam-period I begin to suffer from anxiety and it releases adrenaline through my body constantly even when I need to go to sleep (my heart was beating too loud and fast, I could hear it through my pillow). I went to my cardiologist to get EKG and heart-monitor just like all of you guys did, and started eating more magnesium and potassium (even though I'm a fit guy, always running and going to the gym). My EKG and heart-monitor came back just fine, and my doctor prescribed me bromazepam due to my inability to fall asleep. It helped me but I didn't want to be dependent on these drugs so I researched on the internet and found a video about Acupressure.
After been doing one Acupressure (massaging my self on different points in my body) it helped me fall asleep in 5 minutes (I'm not joking guys!!). This has to do with all the stress and nerves being stimulated at the body and they need to ''manually'' be switched off.
Here are some Youtube videos about the techniques that have helped me fall asleep:
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Do you have it during the day as well?

Have they done a cta and echo?

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I had a similar problem. It was helpful for me to read everyone's responses, so I would also like to add my own experience.

I am 28 years old and I started getting palpitations when laying down at night several months ago. My heart was beating so forcibly I could feel the pulsation in my chest, abdomen, and throat. There was no comfortable to lie down without feeling my heart pounding against my chest wall. I couldn't fall asleep until 3-4 am every night. When I checked my pulse, I felt PVCs. My resting heart rate was in the 130s. I experienced anxiety induced palpitations in the past. I was so sure my symptoms were caused by anxiety. However, it didn't make sense to me -  I've never had such strong somatic symptoms with anxiety. I tried everything to relax - meditation, reading, staying hydrated, and nothing was working. I was worried this is how my life was going to be from now on, with these palpitations that were out of my control.

I saw my doctor and did some basic blood work. It turns out my TSH was <0.050 and my T4 levels were off the charts, which is consistent with hyperthyroidism. After further testing, I was diagnosed with Graves disease. My cardiac symptoms have resolved now that I am taking a beta blocker and methimazole.

While anxiety is a common cause for palpitations, it is important to see your doctor to rule out any underlying medical issues. As disappointed as I am to find out about my new diagnosis, I was so relieved that there was a reason for my symptoms. It wasn't just in my head.
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I also have had similar problems , I couldn't sleep at all , my heart started to beat strongly when I tried to sleep. So strong that I felt myself moving from the beats. At first I began to panic because whenever I felt it I tought it was an earthquake and began panicking. It all started with an earthquake , from then I began panicking expecting a bigger earthquake to come and was scared and began to try to predict it by watching seismographs. After a while , I started having panick attacks , so hard that I felt I would pass out , couldn't stay in one place and couldn't control my breathing. After a while I started to feel hearth pain , in left back , shoulder , left hand , started to feel numb in hands and the pain kept continuing. I felt "stabs" , small intensity burns , numbs , tingles in hands , legs , head , I could feel the veins like when you do an anesthesia , with tingles.  I started reading everything on the internet and began to feel more scared and panicked , but I could recognize based on what I have read the simpthoms of panick attacks and tried to control them by calming down and changing the subject of what I was currently doing and focusing on something else.I couldn't and I still can't go to the medic because of personal resons , i started tooking some magnesium tablets , one a day , then i read something about hipocalcemia and i told my mother to buy some calcium tablets for me , i started taking those once a day , but the hearth pain and panic attacks kept continuing , especially when i tried to go to sleep. Then i started taking aspenter , a blood circulatory pill. I started to feel better , my "stabs" and pain have been reduced , i could sleep feeling relief , but i could still feel that something is wrong. And when i stopped taking that pill i began to feel the pain again. I become scared and after a while i become resented with the fact that i may die.
After two months since it started , I kept feeling worse , I felt numb , couldn't sleep , I gasped air more and more often , I took another similar pill like aspenter and in one night I started feeling worse , my eyes became red , both of them , I began feeling the anesthesia feeling through my veins , with random stings. I couldn't sleep at all even though I tried more than once. I felt like I was 100 year old ( I am 25 years old ) , it became hard to move , I had precise head aches, random pain in my chest , back , hands , shoulder and increased in number when I took a longer breath. I became scared. I started searching the internet , then I found this post , I calmed myself and I felt better. Then i searched hyperventilation , and found a website , in my language , that explained every sympthom I had because of over breathing. It said that if you intake more oxygen , the co2 capacity of your blood is reduced , resulting in hipoxia because co2 can't be released efficiently. I read in that page that breathing inhale 7 seconds and exhale 11 seconds is a one time control of breathing. Also it said that if you have more gas in your lungs when breathing , the oxygen intake is reduced , feeling the need to gasp air more and more and it is like a vicious cycle. I started to control my breathing , I felt an immediate change in my blood vessels and feeling in my body. I felt small stings in my blood vessels but i could feel that is good. After that I could sleep well , I stopped feeling hearth pain , I felt more alive, I could move much better and I feel much better. I also take a magnesium tablet at breakfast and I'm gonna take calcium with magnesium tablet also. Be careful how much you eat and what you eat. I also began drinking more water. Water is important.
Anxiety is reduced and panic attacks are also reduced. I have felt the change in one day , from worst to good , from controlling my breathing when I feel that my focus is on breathing. ( DON'T use breathing in bags to control your breathing , it increases hypoxia )
I think that coldness also was a variable in my hearthbeats.I hope I helped with something. Thank you for reading and I wish you all the best.
Thank you for making me feel good when I needed , and thank you for this website.
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