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Premature supraventricular complexes 2

I had HIGH CK-MB enzymes releasing. Normal Troponin (after thinners and heart meds were given). The original bloodwork was tossed out due to sitting for over two hours. Labs were supposed to check for clotting with this sample. Doc told me my heart enzymes were leaking.

sinus rhythm with short PR with Premature superventricular complexes also noted. Meaning? PR interval had increased. Sinus rhythm with Premature atrial complexes.

I was concerned I came in with clot, but they thinned my blood for a long time. No films showed one either. I felt a clump move in my chest though with SEVERE chest pain and classic heart attack symptoms.

Prior to this ER visit above and hospitalization:
I have a history of subclavian artery being occluded and brachial plexus lesions--due to thoracic outlet and had surgery last year to remove ribs. I was a rare case and had a lot of damage.No surgery was done to repair anything. I was told it would be a long time to heal and had 50% damage.

Test in hospital visit shows my subclavian vein still narrowed, and they could not conclude anything with the artery due to view being poor. I have symptoms of Subclavian Steal Syndrome, but could be something different If there was clotting from my artery being narrowed a clot could have been there and caused the MI. But MI was not concluded. I was released stablizied with no clear answers. Heart stress test shows my heart to slow down in the anterior wall of my heart. Heart cath says my heart looks safe. But what does the above mean, as I have issues still? I don't know if I am being neglected or what.

I am the type of person that had severe atrophy in my left hand and a nerve conduction test still didn't show anything wrong yet my brachial plexus were lesion from the TOS. So I do not feel relieved when it comes to my heart.

As far as the CK-MB test---I did NOT hurt any large muscle in my body. I hope that narrows it down. :)

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I also had bibasiilar subsegmental atelectasis present at the time of the hospital visit mentioned in my previous note where my CK-MB levels were high *283 CK total and 9.1 CK-MB Mass and CK-Index 3.1

plus present the narrowed subclavian vein, previously occluded subc. artery and brachial plexus.

Pleural effusion is present with the atelectasis in lungs

Coagulation APTT 22* below the normal range 23+

sinus rhythm with short PR with Premature superventricular complexes, PR interval increased from previous day (Premature atrial complexes). otherwise normal.

Urinalysis--was cloudy day of arrival at ER but clear in two days.

With my arrival I had: stabbing chest pain that went through front left of chest into left shoulder blade (to the point I had to dig my feet into my bed) I had just awaken. I had lost my grip strength 7lbs on left and 20 lbs on right. My grip was 20 on left and 50 before my surgeries 8 months prior and I am normally really strong. So that change was alarming to have it so much worse upon awakening. I felt to the left and when they'd ask my to close my eyes the left arm would drop down. I could hardly walk and I am 38. I am very active and happy. I had been heating my chest three days prior because the pain was so bad. So that is more of a clearer summary I hope to fit it all together.
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Sorry. Typos EVERYWHERE> I am so embarrassed. I haven't been feeling well. Very dizzy with vertigo and have a lot of language errors. I catch them when I edit. My apologies.

Above errors---"I fell to the left....(asymmetry issue)....major weakness in the left. When they asked me to close my eyes my left arm would drop down."

Pardon all other typos.

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