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Question about changes in EF

I started having some heart palpitations, shortness of breath and dizziness and went to cardiologist for check up. Doctor did ecg, echo and stress test and said I have a very good heart. I studied the reports and echo showed EF of 60%. I did the same test last year where echo showed 66% at another doctor. Does it mean that my EF is falling and therefore I started having the above symptoms?
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Agree with all of the above; 10% is margin of error
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That EF is very good. If your EF is too low or too high, then there can be a problem. Yours is great. Have you thought of AF (Atrial Fibrillation)  They are the type of symptoms that can accompany AF?   Ask to be fitted with a  HOLTER MONITOR. Not just for 24 hours but for a week.  Also a referral to an EP if it continues to bother you.
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No, those are estimates.  Could be unrelated.  I would seek a second opinion and perhaps see a pulmonologist.
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