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Question about stress test results

I have been having chest pain tightness, shortness of breath and other symptoms. Have a very high hereditary cardiac risk (father had heart attack at 35, I have familial hypercholestorolemia and high blood pressure). . These are my echo results. I didn't see these before my cardiologist appointment today or I would have asked for more clarification. My cardiologist today said that his partner read my scans and wrote this report  and saw abnormalities but that he feels like it was read incorrectly and that everything is just normal artifact and that my heart looked normal. I am thinking I should look for a third opinion? Here is what the report reads: Impression: 1. Marked hemodynamic response to lexiscan 2. Abnormal resting and stress ekg 3. Large territory of severe but reversible ishchemia association with hypokinesis in the inferoseptal, apex and inferolateral walls. Normal systolic function overall.
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