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Questions about enlarged heart

I'm 58 years old and overweight,  For now I use a power wheelchair but want to wean myself off it.  I got one a few years ago because of pain issues.

Losing weight during the height of the pandemic was impossible and at one point I was closing in on 370.  I'm now hovering around 350/340's and am making progress.  My blood sugar is back to where it should be and my A1C is 6.8.  

My blood pressure is bordering but improving w/o meds.  I have no insurance and what few doctors I see I can go to because of patient assistance programs.  I haven't been to a cardiologist for about 10 years.  When I did go, I was told my heart is ok but it's enlarged because of the weight I carried over the years.  At one point I was probably around 450 in my late teens/early twenties...then it dropped down to about 240 as I approached my mid-thirties but when Mom died in '99 due to a massive heart attack, I just didn't care about my diet and gained weight again.

I had two hernia surgeries, the first one was strangulated (2009) and second was incarcerated (2011).  I mention this because I always gain weight after surgery and both times I was temporarily over 400 pounds.

I saw a cardiologist a year or so after Mom died because I had chest pains and was worried I was following in her footsteps but he told me - after running alot of tests including a nuclear stress test - that my heart was fine except it was enlarged because of all the weight I carried over the years.  Subsequent stress tests confirmed this, the most recent was about 10 years ago.

I stopped going due to lack of money and insurance coverage.  So here I am, the same age as Mom and was reading up on George Michael.  I was curious about what caused his early passing about five years ago and come to find out, he had an enlarged heart too, myocarditis and a fatty liver.  I understand he did drugs too, but not sure what kind.

That got me thinking, am I going to end up like him?  He was in his early 50's., I'm older.  My blood sugar is under control, my cholesterol was never a problem, which is a miracle considering how heavy I used to be.  My primary care provider, who I see only because she gives me a break on office visits ($45 each time because I have no coverage) recently had bloodwork done inc. a CMP.  All of it came back normal.  

My former cardio told me my heart was fine and the only thing going on with it was it was enlarged.  I was not put on medicine for that but was told to lose weight, which has been a struggle.  I'm finally making progress and am hoping to live long enough to see me get down to where I should be, or close to it anyway, by my 60th birthday next year.  That gives me over a year, year and a half.

Am I going to keel over like George Michael did or my Mom?  As far as I know, she wasn't a diabetic but had issues with cholesterol.  She was supposed to have a stress test but never lived to have it.  It was scheduled for mid-June '99, she died the week before.

Can enlarged hearts be reversed with weight loss?

I can't stop worrying about this.  I've got alot going on in my life and getting through the pandemic has been very difficult.

Thank you.
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First off, worrying will only make things worse, become educated and believe what your doctors tell you. There are different types of enlarged hearts, did he mention cardiomyopathy? That's a general enlargement of the heart or did they tell you hypertrophic heart which is a thickening of the walls and a completely different beast, In either case, neither can be reversed but they can be controlled. I understand your financial situation but you need to be working with a cardiologist given your history. Have you looked into getting insurance through the ACA?
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My now-former cardiologist didn't specify what kind of enlarged heart I've got.  He said it was like this due to all the weight I carried over the years.  I'm well under what I used to weigh but I got much more to lose.  I have no insurance now (except for Medicare A which is for hospitalization only) and the ACA is useless to me.  I went to the Federal healthcare site and was referred to the New York State marketplace, which told me I'm not eligible for assistance.  The Medicaid spend-down is too high and I don't qualify for a subsidy, so that leave me out.  I think that what George Michael had was dilated cardiomyopathy.  I am not sure what to do should I get sick because I have little coverage.  Thank you for responding!
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