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Recovery after angioplasty

My father had a angioplasty and 3 stents were used. The doctor is saying that his heart is very weak now and he would be barely able to walk or talk. He is also saying that his life isn't going to be long. When i asked him what we can do so that he recovers he said there is nothing. Surely there must be something that we can do, after all heart is a part of body so why it cannot recover ?
Please advice me or refer someone for guidance, there must have been cases like this where people have made recoveries.

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Hi, here is what I would ask. What is the LVEF percentage of your Father. How much heart muscle damage is there and on what side of the heart. What vessels were stented, and in what area of the vessels. Are there any blockages remaining which are untreated. I would also ask if he is considered to have heart failure.
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This is a bit confusing. I say confusing because if heart muscle has already died, then they wouldn't normally bother to put stents in, there's no point. Once heart muscle dies, it never regenerates, heart cells do not multiply like other cells. Until stem cell research finds a way to overcome this problem, it's something we are stuck with. Now, back to your Father. Do you know what his LVEF is? I am guessing that he's in heart failure to some extent, but there are ways to improve things even then. If it is so bad, they could consider a LVAD (left ventricle assist device) which helps the heart to pump blood. To say his life isn't going to be long also confuses me? When Doctors saw the state of my arteries, they said that my 5 year prognosis wasn't brilliant, but here I am 7 years later. My LVEF is still 70% which is very good. So such a statement to me is rather heartless (no pun intended) and way off the mark. If he takes the right medication and avoids as much emotional stress as possible, and eats healthily then there is no reason why there couldn't be a slight improvement. I am hoping you have some reports which state his LVEF or it may say EF as a percentage.
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Thanks very much ed34, angioplasty was performed yesterday only so i don't have final reports and that was all what doctor said to me. Can you please tell me what all i should see in reports and post here ? Kindly also let me know what all i should be asking the doctor before my father is discharged.

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Hi ed34,
Father got discharged today, in the report it's mentioned that visual LVEF is 10 %. I asked them and they said they can confirm all the result only after echo test(3 weeks after) his blood pressure has been 110/70 for last 3 days.
In report in front of stent below things are mentioned - Proximal LAD, Mid LAD, Distal LAD. I will meet him tomorrow so i will ask about if any blockages are left.
Appreciate your help very much.
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Unusual that such extensive stenting would be done in one artery, usually they would opt for bypass. A lvef of 10% is very low indeed and definitely classed as heart failure. However, I question this to myself because his blood pressure is in great shape. I would be very grateful if you return to this forum in 3 weeks to let us know what the echo reveals. Rather than wait for the results from the test, ask the technician what the lvef is, or get your Father to ask during the scan. I have a feeling that the 10% will improve. For him to lose 90%, he must have had some heart attack, a very severe one. The problem is, the cardiologist has no idea how many cells have died, and how many were stunned during the attack and can revive.
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I will definitely let you know the results of the echo test, if you want i can scan and upload other test reports too. Actually he was shifted from one hospital to other and the doctor said due to this there has been this much damage( there was doctor present in ambulance and only after they gave him clearance they went to other hospital). I am also surprised on what the doctor said how he can be and how he is after operation. He is looking much better than what the doctor said. We are following all the medications and advice from doctor, let's see what the next test shows.
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Being transferred to another hospital is wasting valuable time during an attack. All that time the heart muscle is without oxygen and suffers badly. To survive such an ordeal, I personally think that some collateral vessels must have opened up to support his heart. Without those, I really can't see anyone surviving a blocked LAD vessel.
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totally agree, it was a waste of invaluable time and his condition could have been much better if treated there only. But it has already happened so i am now focusing on what best we can do now. I am going to meet surgeon tomorrow so will ask him all the questions.
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Hey ed34,
first of all my apologies for posting so late, was waiting for test results .
Last week we had 2d echo test and the results were -
1. No RWMA
2. Systolic function LVEF - 55 %
3. Diastolic dysfunction
4. PASP by TR jet - 35 mmhg
5. No clot -LA/LV
6. MVR AO-valve adequate opening.

After angioplasty the doctor had mentioned 10 % visual LVEF and now it has come 55 % which i thought was quite good, but the doctor said it's perceptive and still saying that my father cannot have an active life. We check his bp regularly and it's around 105/70 most of the times( drops to about 90 just after he takes medicine(sorbitrate and others), and contrary to doctors opinion he is also able to walk and do light work and doesn't feel any stress or pain, infact he went to office yesterday and today too he has gone. So how he is actually now is quite different to what the doctor said or expected but he is still adamant on his position.
I am thinking of consulting other doctors. Please let me know your opinion.


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