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Recurrent Crista Tachycardia?

I'm 33 years old and pacemaker dependent. I've had a total of 7 ablations (one total AV node, one atrial flutter, two SA node modifications and three ectopic atrial sites) with the most recent being a cristal terminalis tachycardia in March of this year. I was told that it's common for crista tachycardias to move it's focal site once it's been ablated. Is this true? I'm now less than six months out and just started having tachy episodes again. I'm worried about how much radiation I receive during each ablation adding up and causing problems in the future so I'm not ready to jump into yet another ablation. Yet I'm not excited about being put on another medication which bring their own list of side effects. Are there any cardiologists or EP docs out there with info or advice on recurrent crista tachycardia? Or anyone in a similar situation?
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