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Recurrent Pericarditis

I am a 49 year old, white, female.  I had heart ablation surgery for afib and suffered a cardiac tamponade and emergency pericardiocentesis. I also have mitral value prolapse with mild regurgitation.   This has resulted in my 10th flare of pericarditis. First, ibuprofen was administered for several months.  2nd-Prednisone for almost a year.  Every time we finished the taper, reoccurrence would happen.  Then, reoccurrence would commence upon a level of 5-10mg.  I have been having breakthrough chest pain on 17.5mg now.  Colchicine has also been tried and failed.  Now I am on my third dose of methotrexate along with prednisone.  The Dr. is trying to overlap the prednisone until the methotrexate kicks in.  Tachycardia persists and is relieved with Metoprolol 50mg 2 x day.  I have palpitations and skipped beats.  I'm very tired, fatigued.  I have not been able to work since September of last year.  CT Scan shows evidence that my pericardium is thickened but I am not constrictive at this point.  If I came to Cleveland Clinic, would you keep me on the methotrexate and/or what would be the next course of treatment for my condition. I am told that it is very rare.

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A doctor on the "expert forum" is associated with the Cleveland Clinic and could probably give you the answer you are asking.  Or you can communicate directly by
email to the Cleveland Clinic. take care,


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