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Removal of sternum after bypass

I had my sternum removed after heart bypass with complications. I feel pain all the time and every time a move my body cracks shifts and pops even with every breath. I also have type2 diadetes is there anyone that can relate to this?
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I am a 53 yr old man and had a Radical sternectomy done in August 2007. What life style restrictions should I be aware of ? Driving re air bags ...flights  ? I have dificulty at night with my collar bone moving into my windpipe and rib movement that keeps me very aware of my ICD. My chest feels as if I have a 6 inch square breast plate attached to me and it seems to be affected by air pressure and climate change and so these are the reasons I ask.
Thank you in advance
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I too had my sternum removed after acquiring MRSA.  This was done three weeks postop after triple bypass surgery, which was in Jan 2008.  I still have pain and lots of side effects from that surgery, but no one gives me any info, and cant seem to find it on the internet.  Also applied for S.S. but have been turned down.  I would like to see them work after all this.   vicki
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Just as a matter of interest, when they remove the sternum, dont they replace it with a metal structure or anything, to attach the ribs to?
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With my husband, they had a plastic surgeon move the triceps to the center and make a "flap." He is again in the hospital with kidney failure that is turning around, but he has bad spasms along his scapula, both sides. Nobody has been able to address this.The spasms are electrical, nerve-related.
Electrical nerve pain shocks hurt! I have neuropathy from shingles
Hi beth601.  ya, that does hurt. I think that's called post herpetic syndrome after shingles.  They can give medication to make it better. Sorry you have this.  https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/shingles/understanding-postherpetic-neuralgia-treatment
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My father just underwent a sternectomy after some complications from his first open heart surgery which was a double bypass and a heart valve replacement. His sternum became very infected and he had to have it removed and have the valve replaced again. Apparently this only occurs in 1% of all patients that undergo this type of surgery and get this infection. He was in a medicaly induced comma for a week and just woke up the day after his plastic surgery and valve replacement. He is unaware of the sternectomy at this time. We are not sure how to break it to him since he lead a very active life. I can't find any information online but wanted to reach out to all of you to see if you were interested in getting a website going to post patient to patient support, recommendations, and experiences.

Please contact me with any suggestions!

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SORRY I have not been on here in some time

evona it was a pleasure chatting with you last night Evona. When you do tell dad have a phone (speaker phone so it is less effort for him) nearby with my number at the ready, I'll be happy to tell him just how full life can be for him.

I have spoken to patients with varying degrees of despondancy that is the toughest thing to overcome. Thankfully I have been giiven two grandchildren to help me with this struggle .... they are a true source of strength and considering the second was born 13 months after my life was saved by a sternectomy I am thankful that I was given the medical team I had been given by the good lord.
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I need to correct Marcia's info re the flap the surgeon made for me. It was not the tricepts, it was the pectoral muscle on the left side.
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My father in law had open heart surgery a month ago and a sternumectomy recently with plastic surgery to close his chest today.  I wonder how things turned out for you.  He's 81 and I know he has a long haul ahead of him.
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My Father just died this morning at 2a.m. after numerous medical battles. He had a sternumectomy done in '03 after a botched bipass close. When they removed the bone, abdominal muscle was used to replace it. We made light of it and joked about him having a staight 6. Life has its limitations afterward, but for the most part its easy to carry on. Thoughts and prayers to all who have had it done, and compassion for the families and friends who stick by their side.
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I just had my sternum out March 24, 2015. Only have pain right shoulder blade. Had bypass surgery July 2014. 6 surgerys later after infection. No one has info about QOL. Doctor's don't, will learn by trial and error.
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yes I had mine removed after bypass and it hurts and pops and cracks
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