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Right Bundle Branch Block

My 16 year old son recently had an EKG done by his Pediatrician, as part of a routine sports screening physical.  It came back as showing a right Ventricular Conduction Delay.  He has recommended that my son be seen by a Cardiologist, which we now have an appointment with.  The Cardiologist has ordered an echocardiogram for my son. The readings on the EKG were Rate = 61, PR =159, CRSD = 94, QT = 404 (?-hard to read), QTc = 408, P = 54, QRS = 85, T = 40.  Statement: SINUS RHYTHM --RSR (QR) IN V1/V2 CONSISTENT WITH RIGHT VENTICULAR CONDUCTION.  How concerned should we be about this?  My son has not had any symtoms in the past or in the present.  My understanding is that in the absence of symtoms and with a normal Echo this is benign condition.  Can he continue his normal activities, even before we see the Cardiologist?  Thanks.

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Although difficult to say for certain without viewing the ECG first-hand, and the ability to perform a complete history and physical examination, I would likely say that the condition is benign. The ECG report suggests an incomplete right bundle branch block which is a conduction abnormality -- but often found incindentally during routine testing. This is usually a benign condition, especially in the absence of further conduction disease, symptoms, or other structural heart disease.
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