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Scared I might have a heart attack??

Hi I'm 21, not in the best shape but trying to make some changes to my diet, acid reflux, and I have VERY high levels of anxiety.
This morning after I unfortunately missed breakfast, I went to my class and started feeling soreness in my left arm then later my right and eventually both of them. I tried not to think of it as anything serious (I work at a job that requires me stretching). It didnt feel like blades or sharpness, just kinda sore and a bit numb at points. Yet my heart went relatively fast and eventually I got chest pain. It almost seemed to move from my left to my right upper side and sitting in class with this, and coughing more than once, horrified me of something wrong. After I had finished the class, I went to eat something but even then, I didn't feel like eating anything, I felt sick even wanting to TOUCH the food. I called a friend who told me that, since I asked if it was a heart attack, she said it was unlikely but talking to a nurse might help.

Made an appointment and talked with the school nurse and doctor; he says that my sample didn't show anything except some protein since I didn't eat, and the pain in my chest and my arms persisted till I eventually went home on the bus, thought about something to relax, and didn't feel the symptoms.

Now I'm home, I made the awful discussion to look up symptoms, all of the results say heart attack or possible cardiac arrest. I'm terrified beyond belief, and my own mother thinks I'm delusional. I know you cant really dx anyone here, but could it happen to me??

Ps I'm also very hungry and I have very faint jaw pain.
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You're 21 and female. Your chances of having a heart attack or cardiac arrest are smaller than tiny. Miniscule.  Essentially nonexistent.

You note that you are anxious, and indeed, your message shows a life held prisoner by anxiety.

Find a psychiatrist who specializes in anxiety and get your life back.  There is very effective treatment your problem.  You really don't wan't to waste the next 70 years of your existence this way.

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