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Should I take xanax(.25 or 1 mg) before cardiologist review of an e,c g on Monday had an e c g done at p p and results showed sinus tachycardia.otherwise normal. Test was done for med clearance for rotator cuff surgery.  My,heart pounds and pressure is high at doc visits.. Don't know if the 2 mg of. Xanax taken before test did anything for my,anxiety.   Usually take 1 mg for anxiety but take 2 for doc visit 1for pressure . & 1 for heart rate. Heart rate up now,due . to anxiety. Read on line,that some one else had same test result. Testing cardiologist said results okay.  Advice?

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If you want your doctor to understand the health of your heart as exactly as possible, then you simply must NOT take any unrecorded medication before any test.  That's it in a nutshell.  The heart has to be tested 'naked', so to speak, unless the doctor tells you otherwise.

If you are nervous, tell your doctor about your problem well before the test, and *ask* if it's OK  to take anything.
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