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Should my 4 year old undergo PDA surgery

My daughter was born with a small hole in her heart and was diagnosed with PDA. She is now 4 years old and she hasn't had any problems or effects because of it. Drs always here her murmer but we dont see any signs of it. The cardiologist now told us that its time for her to undergo surgery where they will make an incision in her leg to close up the hole in her heart.

Can anyone give me any advise on this? Does she need to do the surgery if she doesnt have any symptoms? Do I have anything to worry out? Do you think it will close on its on? The dr told us that if it hasnt closed by now then it probably wont. And the longer we wait maybe the bigger the hole will become and more risker to close it up?

any advice would be great thanks
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It is hard to give you an accurate assessment of the condition over the internet without personally reviewing the case but I will give you some helpful tips.
PDA refers to patent ductus arteriosus which is an abnormal connection between the aorta and the pulmonary artery. This is something that all of us have in utero but it disappears shortly after birth. It is not a hole inside the heart, so I am a little confused if your daughter has two different abnormalities.
You are right about questioning the role of surgery if your daughter is not symptomatic but there are often subtle parameters on echocardiography like enlargement of cardiac chambers or increase in the pressures which might indicate that the abnormal connection is causing problems with the working of the heart. Sometimes, the onset of symptoms is the last thing to develop and it might happen when lot of the changes are irreversible.
At this point, if you have questions, I would suggest that you seek second opinion from a pediatric cardiologist at a tertiary care center which has experience in treating these conditions.
You should certainly feel satisfied with the treatment options before actually embarking on them.

Hope that helps
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