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Signs of Ischemic Heart Disease

Why is it that the symptoms of heart disease in women are often times difficult to quantify?

The very nature of heart disease in women has yet to be fully understood.  Perhaps assigning it a proper name will help.

                                                               Ischemic Heart Disease

Also known as Cardiac Syndrome X, also known as Microvascular Coronary Disease.  Confused yet?

You are not alone.  As it turns out, some in the medical profession are hard pressed to diagnose a woman with IHD because of the greater symptom burden; your symptoms need to show heart disease.  Which, as some of us may have experienced first hand, isn’t always easy to do.

What’s worse is the startling disparity in the heart care women receive in comparison to men.

So what’s a girl to do?

                                                                     Know The Symptoms

While it is true that some have experienced pressure and/or pain in the chest, other more subtle symptoms often present themselves as well.  Included in these may be:

- Pain in the shoulder, neck or jaw
- Back pain
- Shortness of breath
- Palpitations
- Extremely fatigued
- A feeling of fullness in the area above the stomach with loss of appetite or nausea
- Heart rate fluctuation (either too fast or two slow)
- Lightheadedness
- Dizziness
- Sweating
- A sense that something is very wrong

Additionally, at least in my case, these symptoms would come on without warning.  In fact, they would occur more often than not when I was at rest.   Should you be experiencing these or any other symptoms you believe to be associated with your heart, contact your physician immediately.  Don’t rule out a trip to the ER if necessary.
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Glad to see your post, read my journal here at joanincarolina. I have Cardiac Microvascular Dysfunction ...it is not considered a disease state, but a dysfunction of the heart microvascular vessels.Leave me a note and let me know your experience and where you are in this process.I am very knowledgeable in the subject and have some great articles to share with you. I do not have CAD but I sure have the dysfunction.If I was not a cardiac nurse by training then I would not be managing this as well as I am...I would be at a doctor's office or ER at least twice a week.please tell me your story.Joan.
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