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I really dont even know where to start. I was diagnosed with mitro valve prolapse with regurgitation (however it is spelled) in Dec 2005. Now they are saying something about sinus tachycardia. I had a stress test done today and it came back positive. Now they wanna do CTA of coronary something. Im confused, do i have to have surgery? What does the positive test mean. I am 23yrs female, with lots of questions and concerned. thank you.

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CTA is Coronary Tomography Angiogram.  The procedure is non invasive and develop images to determine the degree if any coronary arteries occlusion.  Recommended if there is any chest pain, etc.

MVP may not be a problem and not progress, but requires watching.  Some individuals have MVP for a very long time without any problems or progession.

Tachycardia is a fast heart rate (above 100 at rest) and may not indicate any pathology, but the result if anxiety, mediation, etc.

Anything you have stated does not require any surgery.  Worst case scenario if there is some coronary blockage greater than 70% or so, there may be a discussion to do angioplasty and a stent implant to open the artery (if there is angina (chest pain).

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