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Sinus arrhythmia and UTI? Afraid to take UTI medicine!

So this past week I have been dealing with odd chest discomforts and it’ll go down my arm a bit too and shoulder. I sometimes feel it on my right arm as well. I’ve gone to the doctor twice, they did a ECG and said my heart rhythm was a little off (called arrhythmia) but it could be just the machine, too. I do suffer from health anxiety so I am quite nervous all the time, and I absolutely hate it.
They also did blood work and everything was normal, xrays showed asthma (i’ve had since I was 2 but have never had flare ups since), it was only recently that I got an inhaler because my doctor said I needed it since my lungs were overextended.
I did a pee sample and it showed I had a little bit of an infection, so he prescribed me Keflex which i’ve taken before and it worked! Yet i’m a little nervous concerning the issues going on in my heart (if there is anything serious) while taking the medication for the UTI at the same time. The prescription is 500 mg 4 times daily.
I have an appointment with a cardiologist on Tuesday so further studies can be done. I’m pretty stressed out and anxious over all of this. it’s a lot for my 5 foot, 90 pound body to go through. I’m also 21 years old with no history of heart disease, etc. Please shed some knowledge is possible!
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There aren't any cardiac side effects listed here for Keflex - https://www.cardiosmart.org/Healthwise/d000/96/d00096

or here - https://www.rxlist.com/keflex-side-effects-drug-center.htm

However, not treating a UTI can lead to some pretty serious problems, so please consider taking it. I'm not trying to scare you, but just want to give you all the information so you can make a decision based on that.

If you haven't taken it yet, you can probably wait until tomorrow and talk to your cardiologist about it. Good luck at your appointment. You might also want to talk about your anxiety, and what, if any, medications/treatments for anxiety would be appropriate for you if they find anything wrong with your heart.
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