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Some one has been thru what I am going thru. Please help.

I m a 36 year old mail diagnosed with Hypertrophic CardioMyopathy with Obstruction. Assemetrical septum 3.4 cm. Pressure gradient 70 mmHG 85 ejec frac and hyperdymanic left atrium. Furthermore, I have Systolic Anterior Mortion of the Mitral Valve 3-4 + severe.  One doc wants to replace the valve and papilary muscles and still believes that there is no genetic link to the desease. The other doctor seems to think that the septal myectomy will reduces the SAM leaving my native valve in tact.  Neither seems very knolodgable. They have both told me that they are lucky if they see one of these cases per year. I really want to get the best treatment and care. This is my life!
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You may want to pose that question to an expert forum's doctor.  You are asking for an evaluation of what is the best procedure and what doctor has the better surgical therapy.
You say the doctors may not be knowledgeable, but they should have your health history, test results, etc. and at the present time the best to assess your situation.

You are correct, the right decision should be made as you have your health at stake.  You can contact surgeons at the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Texas Heart Institute, as those doctors would have more experience.  It is recommended to engage a surgeon who has had a least 1000 simular operations.  

Thanks for your question and sharing, take care    
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