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I’m asking for my brother in law. He was born in 1983 male recently went to ER for extreme pain in lower right and middle quadrant area. The ER doctor prescribed him bentyl and said after doing blood work and cat scan he had no idea what the pain could possibly be. Asked to follow up with GI doctor which has been scheduled. When he was a baby he had a surgery done right below his chest he never knew what it was exactly called as he never had any other issues.  The cat scan paperwork said he had wires and said known sternotomy as seen. Someone said that he is suppose to have it removed when he got older, is this correct? I mean if that isn’t a problem or what’s causing his pain then why should he get it removed??  Just want to know if he should make an appointment to have it removed or if it is even necessary to have to removed when they are older?? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration
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To be honest, I am a little confused a sternotomy is what I understand as an incision.  Usually, we see these in open heart or thoacic surgeries.

Could you elaborate?
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