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Stress Test Results

I had a stress test last week and today they told me these are the results:  EF 69%, Test was abnormal - moderate sized, moderate intensity, reversible perfusion defect involving inferolateral wall. Moderate sized, moderate intensity fixed perfusion defect involving inferoseptal wall. They plan to do a cath, but there is a two week waiting list. How dangerous is this and should I wait the two weeks or go elsewhere?
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Hi Senorgabo,

Obviously, you can never predict the future and I'm not sure what your symptoms are, but I can try to give you some advice via the internet.  Based on what you've written, your stress test was positive, meaning it showed an abnormality.  We like to see an EF (ejection fraction) greater than 65 or so.  This signifies that your heart function is normal (the heart muscle is pumping well).  In terms of the "perfusion defect", this means that there is decreased blood flow to the "inferolateral" portion of your heart.  This suggests a blockage in one of your arteries, and a heart catheterization is appropriate at this point.

As for the wait, this is again a difficult question to answer online, and you can never predict what can happen.  You have a few options:

1.  Wait until the scheduled heart catheterization in 2 weeks.  This is a reasonable option if you are not continuing to have chest pain, not having worsening chest pain, not having new/concerning symptoms.  I would also take it easy until the procedure can be done (no heavy lifting, exercising, minimize stress, keep your blood pressure well-controlled).

2.  If you are able, see if you can get it done more quickly at another institution or call your doctor and see if they can schedule you more quickly.  If you are having increasing symptoms or unremitting symptoms, I would strongly consider this option.  

Again, I'm not sure what prompted your stress test.  That may make it easier to determine which of the above options are more appropriate and also how risky it is to wait 2 weeks.  If your internist ordered the study, consider scheduling an appointment to see a cardiologist as soon as possible.  They can evaluate you and better determine how urgent the heart catheterization is.  

Hope this helps!
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