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Stress test results, cause for concern?

Hello. I am 22 year old male. Heart disease runs in my family, I also have had elevated cholesterol in my blood (normal weight), I smoke occasionally, tend to drink quite heavily during weekends, last few years haven't been getting much exercise and have difficulties handling even low amounts of stress. For quite some time (months) I have been experiencing a weird sensation on my left shoulder that comes and goes. In the past few weeks I have been experiencing bouts of chest tightness, shortness of breath, faint feeling (even when BP has been normal), severe fatigue and I also get more exhausted just from regular walks than I did few months ago. I have been in ER during my chest pain episode but ECG has been normal as has been chest xray and blood markers.

So I had a stress test which was quite normal, no chest pain during it or any abnormalities in the ECG. I was very dizzy after it though but might have been normal as I don't do heavy exercise much. However, I did have couple of PVCs during the recovery period (not one during the actual exercise part). Also I've read about the ratio of systolic blood pressure during minute 3 of the recovery part to peak systolic BP during the exercise part has some value in the detection of coronary artery disease. My ratio was 0.92 and I've read that ratio over 0.90 is considered abnormal (https://www.aafp.org/afp/1998/1001/p1126.html). My max systolic BP was 182 during the exercise, 186 during 1st minute of the recovery and 168 during 3rd minute of the recovery, 145 during 6th minute. It was 120/70 during the beginning at rest. Are those BP numbers cause for any concern?
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