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Stress test results and exercise

I recently had a sestamibi stress test done which indicated a fixed inferior defect, anterior wall stress ischemia and possible inferior septal ischemia. I will not see the cardiologist untill next month to discuss the results.
I have always been active in various sports(57 yr. old male). My question is-can I  safely continue physical activity such as running, tennis etc. before I talk to cardiologists concerning test results?
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Well the ischemia means that there is an insufficient supply of blood to the organ and only your doctor could answer this question based on the seriousness of the defecit.
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Why such a long wait after a stress test that found ischemia?  I'd ask the cardiologist to see me sooner - you question of exercise is a very good one that should be answered by a cardiologist once he/she has reviewed your stress test results.  Again, not sure why you have to wait so long to meet w/ the doctor.  
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