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Supraventricular tachycardia

I am 46 years old. I am a SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) patient since last 13 years.Before last four months,
I never had more than two SVT attacks in a year. Then four months earlier, I got pulse missing problems. The doctor
told me it's PVC. And there is nothing to worry. But then I have to face an increase in SVT attacks and now I get
5-25 SVT attacks per day which lasts from 2-3 minutes to long duration. And after every 3-4 days, they won't stop
without the injection (isoptin). I have been using Calan 40-mg and now I am using Calan SR 120-mg, Ascard 75-mg and
Vitamin-E daily for last three months.
Report result:
Conclusion-Stress test is Positive for exercise induced ECG changes. No clinical angina provoked during exercise.
Adequate hemodynamic response. Average effort tolerance.
thallium test:
Conclusion- Exercise myocardial SPECT stury at 47% predicted HR and 7.2 METS is positive for medium sized inducible
ischemia of mild severity involvin inferior wall.
Now I want to know what is my best option considering my situation.
If you think my reports will help, I can scan them too.
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I don't like to recommend this drug to anyone, but it did work for me.  I had SVTs so bad in 2007 that I was feeling dizzy and faint a lot.  I was put on Amiodarone for this.  There are awful side effects that can develop, so I had to be monitored while taking the drug.  There can be adverse effects on the liver and eye sight.  The drug worked for me, but after 9 months I decided I didn't want to take the drug anymore.  I haven't had any return of the SVT.  I could actually feel the missed beat in my wrist.  I hope you can get some help and answers soon. Contine to follow up with your doctor.  Take care,, Ally
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Is it VT or SVT? I think fainting happens in VT.
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I didn't actually "faint". I felt faint many times.
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Hi there,

I had PSVT attacks and the beta blockers the Cardio gave me did not make a difference so I went to see a Cardio Specialist that only works with the Electric part of the heart.  They call themselves Electrophysiologist.  He did mapping on my heart and then Cardiac Ablation and ablated an extra AV node that was causing the PSVT's.  I still get PAC's and PVC's but that is harmless and I don't worry about that to much.  I also used to get syncope episodes, before the Ablation.

I would definitely recommend going for Mapping and if needed, Cardiac Ablation - but only done through a very good Electrophysiologist.
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