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Swelling and blood pooling in my ankles and feet

I am a 68 year old female, 5'6", 120 lbs. I had triple by pass surgery December/10.  A few months  after surgery I developed higher BP than before surgery, 170s/90s.  After quite a bit of trials with different meds BP is now down to 140s/70s.   For the last two weeks my feet and ankles have been swollen and there is blood pooling under the surface of the skin of both feet.  Does anyone know what is causing this and is there something that can be done for it?  I'd really appreciate if someone could help me out.  Thanks very much.
(Meds I'm taking: Coversyl 8 mg,  ASA 325 mg,  Crestor 20 mg,  hydrochlorthiazide 25 mg,  ymbalta 60 mg.  Also vitamins).
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have you told your doctor about these symptoms? my father in law was very similar in symptoms to you a few years after having a quad bypass.

2 doctors dismissed him and told him he had the flu; his symptoms kept on over the wknd so he went to see his regular cardiologist after the wknd was over and he found it was Congestive heart failure.  

He was put in the hospital and put on Lasix which worked wonders and helped with the swelling and he's still on it which seems to be helping still.
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It sounds like something you need to talk to your doctor about. I agree with Mom2four86, it does sound like some form of heart failure.  Take care, Ally
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Thanks so much for your advice.  I will make an appointment with my doctor and let you know how things go.  
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Great!  Keep us posted. Ally
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Hi, saw my nurse-practitioner (don't have a family doctor), she ordered blood tests, told me that this may be the "new normal" for me.  Hmmmm....maybe, but I don't know.

Making an appointment with cardiologist, see what he says.  I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again,    Carly
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I have mentioned twice to my primary dr. about the blood looking at my feet when sitting or laying down. She wasn't concern because she said I had a pulse in my feet. My feet actually turn red or blue. It bothers me! I also have multiple sclerosis but am now off meds for it due to my age of 70.
Are you diabetic?

Does it hurt when you walk around? Ie when you “get the blood flowing” to the legs? Do one or both become sore if you were to say.. walk down the street a few blocks?
This whole situation sounds suspicious for Peripheral Artery Disease, not heart failure.

It doesn’t sound like blood pooling as much as it does simply a lack of blood flow.

There’s a community here for it but it’s not so active. Can’t guarantee much of a response there.
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