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T wave inversions

How long do t wave abnormalities take to show up on an ECG in a patient with cardiomyopathy?

If we are talking about congenital cardiomyopathy such as HOCM or ARVC, and a patient underwent an ECG age 20 with normal t waves, how long would it take to develop abnormal or inverted t waves?

Instantly, weeks, months, years?

What causes these inverted t waves in these conditions? Ischemia? Electrical shortage?
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There’s no way to necessarily predict if inverted T waves would appear or when they would appear or even necessarily which leads they will appear in a patient with these types of Cardiomyopathy.

The cause is ischemia in HCM. Specifically DEMAND ischemia in that specific area impacted. Too much muscle, not enough blood vessels to feed them.

The cause in ARVC is conduction delay, it’s a very strange and complex one to explain.
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Bare in mind every patient is different/unique.

Do not worship in the temple of the T Wave. Most of the time a T wave abnormality winds up being just a clue as to what something might be but are not very specific to any condition.

They don’t really “mean” anything on their own. They always need to be accompanied by some other piece of compelling evidence before serving as the basis of an actual diagnosis.

Therefore the fact that a new T wave inversion appears on a known ARVC/HOCM patient doesn’t necessarily mean the condition is getting any worse. More diagnostics would be needed to quantify this.
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