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Tachycardia after eating /long period of sitting or lying /exercise

So glad I found this forum.  I have been through almost 5 years of heck.  This first started with me when I overreacted to a single high blood pressure reading, took 2 aspirin (500mg each) and went to the hospital to be checked.  I remember being very dehydrated (from working out and not drinking enough water, and drinking too much caffinated tea) and kept asking the hospital for water (which they refused).  Despite having no real heart attack symptoms, they insisted on giving me a nitro glycerin.  The next thing I feel is all the blood rushing from my head and waking up, upright on my head, I was shaking horribly and was now feeling palpitations.  They have never gone away.  At least the massive headache I had finally went away after "16" days.  Anyway, it was after that I started getting the tachycardia after meals (increase about 30 bpm), the terrible distension and bloating.  I have been through a million tests but they have shown nothing (but the tachycardia).  I also noticed that after long periods of sitting or lying that I would get an abnormally large increase in heartrate standing up, this has since almost gone totally.  I was diagnosed and undiagnosed with POTS a few times, but mostly doctors just want to put me on anti-depressants.  It is a totally helpless feeling to attempt to try and do anything when my heart is racing (130-140 standing).  I have also noticed that climbing stairs, lifting, sex and straining can also instantly distend my stomach.  My nervous system also overreacts easily and I have no sweat on my hands, feet, arms or legs.  Almost after every meal I hear my heartbeat in my ears and feel palpitations in my stomach. I would be interested in ANY suggestions.  A funny thing I noticed is that beta blockers (I take metoprol) do not help if I take an additional dose after it starts.   I believe in my case they may actually be counter productive, since even at 50 mg a day I still get the pounding in the back of my head (just like after the nitro).  I believe that I may have a hiatel hernia due to all the reflux I suffer.  I also have diastolic problems with my stomach distension.  When my stomach is ok, my vitals seem normal.  I have had about 6 really bad tachycardiac attacks 160-180 bpm and the only thing that has calmed them down is drinking water.  I am going to have my doctor check my blood volume (as a pharmacist suggested), if it is possible, but again ANY help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. I would also like to know if any of you who suffer the same symptoms have been helped by anti-depressants.  They have made me feel worse when I tried them.  I sure would like to have my life back.  GOD BLESS  STEVE

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I am glad I found this forum, too.  Sorry you are having such a terrible problem.  Reading through similar threads on this forum makes me know that "our" problem is more common than our doctors realize -- this combo of tachycardia after eating.

For me, I don't like it when I am diagnosed as having "panic attacks".  If I ask the doctors why it doesn't always happen when I am stressed, but I haven't had any episodes except after eating, they have no idea.  But we know it happens and it is for us to figure out.

Water always gets me through, and I especially like the bubbly water as that helps to relax my diaphragm.

I follow the life-instructions for hiatal hernia (a la Brody in Hiatal Hernia Syndrome) such as eating small meals, not lying down too soon, nothing tight in the middle, etc.  I don't take any acid blockers as I believe I need acid to digest and my stomach doesn't hurt from acid, just feel tight.

I also walk during an episode and try to do gluteus max exercises between episodes.  This is to use the large muscles to assist blood return to the heart when there may be splanchnic and extremity vascular pooling after meals -- per the POTS recommendations.

For me, I think I have had episodes when my postural habits get poor.  During the winter, I exercise less and slouch at the computer and most sitting projects.  If I take breaks and don't slouch and try to stay upright (especially after eating), that helps so much.  I think most of my episodes have been in cooler weather when I am sitting too much after eating.

Finally, I just am starting the Sinatra Solution program (Metabolic Cardiology).  It is four nutrients to give the heart the energy it requires to relax.  Dr. Sinatra says it takes more energy to relax than contract, so I don't think I have much to lose by taking his "awesome foursome" -- Magnesium, Carnitine, CoQ10 and Ribose.

Best wishes (for all of us),
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This is so similar to what I am going through! Back in May, I took some ADHD medication (unprescribed- was trying to study better) with a burrito bowl from chipotle. A couple hours later I could... feel my heart beating... it's hard to describe. It was uncomfortable and was beating faster than normal. I only slept an hour or so that night. In the morning I was driving to university, and I felt my chest squeeze. My heart started beating really fast, like 180bpm. I thought I was having a heart attack, and I chewed 2 Bayer on an empty stomach, and called 911. I was laying in the grass waiting for the ambulance, and noticed for a few minutes, I couldn't talk correctly, like I was having a stroke or something. Not sure what caused that. Anyway, they gave me nitro on the ride over just in case. At the hospital they checked me out, said I was perfectly fine, were kind of dismissive, saying it was an anxiety attack. I tried to tell them this was BS, I am incredibly calm all of the time. Ever since then, my heart beat is often higher than it was before the incident. The longer it has been since I have eaten, the more normal I feel, but after eating I feel... wrong, with my bpm going anywhere from 80 to 120. About a half dozen times I have had similar severe cases where my bpm goes up to about 180 and is beating REALLY hard. They have usually come after eating, and I share some of the same feelings about hydration as you do. Sometimes I have just woken up, usually from a nap, and my heart starts to race. Transitioning from sitting to standing and vice versa can cause an increase in normal rate sometimes, too. Can you elaborate on your distention and hernia issues, also? I have not tried anti-depressants, I'm not sure why those would work, perhaps the doctors think we're nutjobs... I do feel nervousness sometimes, like too much adrenaline is being pumped into my blood stream. Did you ever get your blood volume checked? What does that mean anyway? This whole thing *****. I feel like my life is being so limited, and it is so frustrating and scary at times. I hope we both find relief soon. Hope to hear back.
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The EXACT same thing happened to me including the addherall and being in the E.R. with a rate that got up to 150.  I was wondering if you have found anything out about your condition as mine has just started. Thanks.
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When I started having tachycardia, it was always after I ingested anything containing aspertame  or the amino acid phenylalanine added to something I ate . Like a clock it would start after 90 minutes . Over the counter drugs with this amino cause it too.
         I am overweight . After eating too much and laying down ,it may start . After eating something that may cause gas ( a distended stomach ) It may start . So far doctors have been less than worthless . None will spend more than the 20 minutes of an office visit to think about it .Still trying to find a cure.
The food is pressing on the vagus nerve in the upper stomach
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I have been having tachycardia now for over a year.  After wearing a halter monitor for a day the doctor could see my heart averaged 100 bpm.  I'm on atenolol for my heart, pepsid for my stomach, and Venlafexine for my depression and anxiety.  I have had every test including checking my stomach and esophagus this morning.  I feel I am going crazy.  If I try to do anything physical, lift or carry heavier objects, stand too long, or after eating a normal size meal my heart feels like it is pounding and by breathing speeds up.  I am so frustrated and want an answer.  It can't be just stress.  It makes me tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get.  I just want to know I am not crazy.  Or what else the Dr. could check.  By the way my heart is super healthy and my lungs are fine too.  
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For the benefit of all who are going through a 'tachy after eating' episode, an ANS ( Autonomic Nervous System ) testing is in order. I had been through the same exact symptoms. But, by God's Grace I was directed towards a cardiologist / ANS specialist called Dr.Ramesh Adiraju ( who practices in Lower Bucks Hospital, Bristol, PA ). My God was merciful enough to heal me  through this doctor.
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this can be caused from the stomach. Too much food at one time or too much acid. I get this from ketsup, orange juice, or some rough foods like hummus and wheat thins. Baby your stomach and let me know if that helps
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Food may be the cause
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Assuming youve found a solution since this post is from 2010?
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The answer is to eat smaller meals and not a lot of acid. When the heart takes off massage the stomach in a down motion from the sternum. Take ant acid right away. Rock from side to side and make your self burp. Drink very warm water. Then take a heat pack and place the warm pack on the stomach. This will cause digestion to ensue. Drink some almond milk to alkalize the stomach. The rocking will cause you to burp
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When you burp it will help the heart. Also rock from front to back in a sitting position. If that does not work within 10 minutes, place some ice cubes in your hands. This will reflex to the stomach and cause you to burp. The heart will go back to normal soon after.
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