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Tachycardia and hand pain

I have a history of sinus and ventricular tachycardia, severe labile high blood pressure (swings between 95/40 and 230/130), mild LVH (Left Ventricular Hypertrophy), severe exercise intolerance and iron deficient anemia among other things, but have only listed the heart related things.

Lately my hands (mostly my right) have ached horribly when the tachycardia kicks in (both plus arms if I try to do any walking at all).

I cannot think of what would be causing my hands to ache so badly, the worst of the ache palm side near the 'heel' of my palm.

I also suffer from debilitating exhaustion once the pains start to ease.

Any insight as to what to research online would be a great help... I have no insurance and going to an ER would only be a costly waste of time because they would only make sure it is not a heart attack then send me home telling me to follow up with a cardiologist with no way to see one.

Thank you
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I saw your post but didn't comment because I don't have any answers for you. I also get some heaviness and strange ache down my arms and into my hands at times but have no idea what causes it. It does seem to happen when my heart is being erratic.

In your case, I am so sorry to hear it was a heart attack. What a shock for you and a life changer. On the one hand (no pun intended) I'm glad they figured it out now rather than ignoring it and you having a more serious event later. On the other hand (can't forget that one) it does mean your heart will be different from now on and you'll have to be monitored. No fun there.

Mostly I'm grateful you got help and are on the mend. Take care.
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Actually, I have just been released from the hospital... it was a heart attack.

I went to the ER on monday and left again later that day... then found a Dr that would see me without insurance on thursday and he sent me straight back... they checked my heart enzymes and told me I had a heart attack... and my enzymes continued to climb during the night.  A heart cath on saturday morning showed damaged heart muscle and a collapsed small artery that they could not stent.  

I am home on medication now.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Your symptoms could be due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The nerve innervating (supplying) the thumb, the index finger and the middle fingers is the median nerve. This can get compressed in the wrist, leading to numbness of these areas leading to a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The nerve can get compressed due to obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyroidism, arthritis and trauma.

The carpal tunnel (at your wrist through which the median nerve passes) changes its size depending on the position of the wrist. It’s widest when wrist and hand are straight in line. When the hand is bent up or down, the tunnel becomes slightly smaller. This then presses on the nerve which then causes a pain right up to the arm. Often proper working style, working without bending wrist, using smooth movements to operate the mouse and key pad, and relaxing the joints of finger, wrist and arm in between helps. A wrist support or arm support too helps and you have computer chairs with support for your spine and arm

If symptoms persists consult your doctor for an evaluation.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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