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Tortuous left anterior decending and circumflex arteries

Been suffering from high blood pressure, breathlessness on excertion and some pain in chest area...was referred for angiogram which couldn't be completed due to artery spasming but some results showed left anterior descending artery and circumflex artery tortuous with no blockage ...am due for a ct angiogram to complete and also a echogramme...what does tortuous mean and should I be concerned ? Thanks in advance
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Very long and windey.  Can be mild or severe.  Can absolutely be the source of your symotoms.  Cabg is a great procedure for them.  Sometimes meds are enough.
Thank you for your reply x I am currently on beta blockers, arvostatin and aspirin also have spray for pain ...excuse my ignorance but what is cabg ? And is this condition something to be concerned about ?? Once again thank you for your help x
Thanks I've just googled it ...I would think would have to be severe for this ?? Hopefully meds will be way to go ...am waiting on other test results before I see consultant so hopefully wild be a mild case x
Honestly,  with technology its a pretty easy surgery.  I know it seems scary.  But it is actually pretty straight forward, how bad are your symptoms?
Thank you x before the beta blockers I had v high blood pressure which is okish now ...I was getting breathless n palpitations walking up hills /flights of stairs etc which is improved but still not gone away completely I have a physical job and sometimes am very red faced breathing hard n sweaty ! pain not so bad occasional twinge but again nowhere near as bad or frequent and still have some lightheadedness ...waiting for full results once ct angio complete ...thanks for your advice x
No problem, lemme know what you decide?
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