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Two Different Opinions--Do not know what to do

I had an episode one week ago with pain between my shoulders that made me double over.  Lasted about 5 minutes and was not back pain.  Seemed like it shot through my chest.  I went to Urgent Care.  My heart rate was high and my blood pressure was elevated at around 160/94.  The doctor said I had a slightly abnormal EKG.  Because of family history of heart disease she sent me to the ER in an ambulance.  At hospital there was another EKG done and doctor there said was slightly abnormal also.  They did cardiac enzyme test and it came back negative.  They kept me several hours and sent me home with an appointment at a cardiologist the next day.  Over the next few days I had a nuclear stress test done and an echocardiogram.  Was told the echocardiogram was normal but that my nuclear stress test showed that I had a mild heart attack.  They scheduled me for a CT scan with dye to see if I had blockages 5 days later.  I was so confused and afraid because I thought if I had a blockage I could have another heart attack before they knew.  They put me on no medicines.  It worried me so I asked a friend to give me name of her cardiologist and went to that cardiologist for second opinion.  This cardiologist said that I had not had a heart attack and that he just wanted to put me on a Beta blocker and for me to exercise more and lose a little weight.  I am so confused and I do not know which doctor to believe.  Did I have a heart attack or not, I thought they could tell for sure on these things.  Should I get another opinion or what should I do?  
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They should have done a troponin blood test on arrival to the hospital, and then repeated it 12 hours later because it can take that long to elevate in the blood. A nuclear scan would be very accurate unless an artifact was mentioned, meaning your body tissue was dense, blurring the image. I would seek another opinion because this is very unclear.
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Thanks, they did a Troponin blood test on arrival and it was negative and then another one 4 hours later, but did not do one after 12 hours?  So I do not know if anything would have shown up after 12 hours?  I would say the last one they did was after about 6 hours from the time I had the terrible chest pain.  I'm going tomorrow to pick up the reports from both tests so I can see exactly what they say.
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request a troponin test when you get there, the elevated troponin can last 2 weeks.
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