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Valve regurgitation after WPW ablation

Have had some chest tightness, chest pressure and feeling of weakness after standing to get dressed for 20 min or so so started checking BP when this happens.  It seems I then have lower BP and higher pulse than normal (96/70-105).  Recent ECHO stress test indicated mild tricuspid and pulmonary valve regurgitation.  That was not noted on stress test 3 years ago.  Might that be result of ablation?  It was posterior septal pathway.  Also diag with venous insufficiency, very sharp pain, in both calves that occurs when a while AFTER exercising not during.  Some rhythm fluctuations, buzzing.  Also just had 2nd vitreous detachment (1st was 3 yrs ago) with really bad headache, jaw pain and stiff neck and my sister-in-law nurse said it might be some sort of arteritis.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you.
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