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Visible pulse in neck - normal?


So I noticed 2 months ago that I can see pulse on both side of my neck (on left is stronger), I think I didn't have this before. I was at my doctor, she consider this a stupid question but anyway she measured my pulse and blood pressure and everything was right. She told me not to worry. I am a skinny male, 30 years, 195cm, 77kg. Should I be worried about this? I can feel the pulse also, especially when laying on bed, maybe because I think all time about that now. If this would be symptom of some serious heart problem (clogged artery, heart valve) what other symptoms would I feel? Right now I don't have any other symptoms, yesterday I had some hard physical work and everything fine (no shortness of breath, no chest pain, no swelling).
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Lots of possibilities but it is most likely that what youre experiencing is a 'Canon A Wave' due to ectopy such as a PAC.

It would be a good idea to get reassessed and probably get a 'Holter Monitor' if you want to be certain. This question is best suited for 'Heart Rhythm' as its probably related to an electrical issue as opposed to a valve issue.
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Though I should ask; is this pulsation continuous or does it come and go?

If youre skinny it could also just be nothing. If the pulsation is continuous and you dont have symptoms. That's most likely. If it comes and goes its most likely rhythm related in your case
Pulsation is continuous, I have it all the time, pulse seems that has normal speed. Is that Canon A Wave dangerous? I can go to my doctor again, they have EKG there, would that solve my problems, no worry if EKG comes normal?

Also I have soon normal year control for my kidney stones (blood test and abdomen ultrasound), if something is wrong would that show on blood test and abdomen ultrasound?
No none of the above is particularly dangerous.
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Also I looked couple of cannon A waves examples on youtube, seems that pulse on those examples is located in the most lowest part of the neck on sides, mine is located upper on that normal place where you put finger to feel pulse. Also if relevant small pulse is also visible on lowest middle part of neck...
Then it’s normal.
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Are you seeing a pulse or column of blood rise?
What do you mean by column of blood rise? On my neck there is epicenter of pulse and that it. I can take a video tomorrow and post it here.
Google jugular venous pressure and coratid pulse and a video will show the difference
He already looked and established the answer to this.
It looks pretty similar to the untrained eye tbh.
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Are you seeing a pulse or column of blood rise?
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Video does of course help. Try to get one breathing normally and one after talking a really deep breath and holding it in if possible.
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Here you go guys, quality is not the best, back camera of my mobile phone is filled with dust so I recorded with front camera, 3 videos with normal and one with deep breath (this one I recorded at night so quality is a little lower that other parts). Left side of neck is in focus (more visible pulse than on right) and in the end of video I recorded low middle neck pulse. So is this normal, should one EKG free me of all doubts and worry?? Please watch in 1080p resolution, seems that youtube lowered the quality of my videos:




and with deep breath


And yes I am skinny and have pronounced Adam Apple:)

Yeah that's just a carotid pulse. Its fine. You don't have any Jugular vein distention or canon A wave phenomenon that I can see
ok, so I can also eliminate aortic valve problems and clogged carotid artery, that is what mostly comes up first when I google visible pulse? I will certainly do EKG just to be sure but by your comments it seems that I have nothing to fear
Yeah it would be very very unusual for you to have those sorts of issues at your age. I’ve never even seen such a case in my 6 year or so career. It would be arrogant to say its “impossible”, but I don’t think it’s anything you need to be worried about. You got a better chance at winning the lottery.
OK, both of you, thank you
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