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Were you recently diagnosed with heart disease?  Are you worried about your cholesterol levels?  Scheduled for surgery, tests, procedures or appointments?  Feeling overwhelmed, frightened and/or confused?  Do you need information on caring for a loved one with heart disease?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you have found the right place!  

The Heart Disease forum is comprised of a group of people who share an interest in learning more about heart disease.  The forum covers an array of topics including:  CAD, CHF, diabetes, hypertension, bypass, angioplasty, valve surgery, procedures, tests, medications, post surgical expectations, and much more.  If your concerns are heart related, chances are we can help.

Some of our members have been living with heart disease for many years while others are new to cardiology waiting rooms. Regardless of what brings you here, welcome!  Here are a few suggestions for making the most of your visits.

1)  Be sure to check out the "Health Pages."  The link is in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  “Health Pages” address topics relevant to cardiology.  Among the pages is list of common cardiology acronyms, a great resource!

2)  Please join the community.  Once you have had a chance to look around, why not create a profile and tell us a little about yourself?  Your profile can be as simple or as complex as you like.  In any event, you will meet people from around the globe!  You will have the opportunity to learn from others who share your concerns.

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5)  Consider keeping a journal.  Your journal can be private, public, or available only to those people you have added as a friend.  Journals are a great way to share your story, frustrations, experiences, history, etc.  You will probably find there are others who can relate to your story.

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We invite our current members to welcome our new members as well as those who are lurking.  Won’t you share your story and let others know how the forums have helped you.

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I had a bypass surgery 2 years ago with 4 graphs and  I went through with emotional roller coaster I felt like crying all the time and lost confidence on me... Always thinking whats gonna happen next. But I come to conclusion whats gonna hppen will happen regardless
why worry about it. Enjoy while you can.and get the best out of it
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Hello to everyone, another newb here. Be gentle please LOL
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Welcome!  We look forward to your participation, and thanks for your message.
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my husband just had a nuclear stress test he had a triple bypass 5 years ago and a heart attack 2 years ago , his test showed a little blockage and a spot on his heart we see the dr. next week he wants to put dye in and look around to see what is going on what can this mean and what will they do . will he have to have stints put in ? im trying to understand whats going on and what to expect .
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Welcome to the community, alabamatz, we value all questions with the opportunity to help provide a perspective and some isight into the medical problems of concern.   Your questions have been addressed with your other post that started a thread, and if you have any other questions you can PM me or respond to the thread you have started.  Take care..  
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I am Keanu Smith from CA,US. I have joined you and would like share all my views about heart problems.

I hope you will join me and help me to know more about this.

Thanks and Regards.
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Welcome to HD forum.  Your participation will be appreciated,  and we hope you have positive experience going forward.  Enjoy the holidays, and take care.
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Triple bypass 14 months ago.  A few sharp pains.  My ribs are still popping a bit.  Interested in tests to show if the bypasses are functioning; preferably without undergoing catherization.
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Thanks for your question.  The usual procedure to ask a question is to post the question to forum posting format.  However, to answer your question, there is a stress test.  The procedure is to inject of a color agent into the blood steam and there is a monitor that observes the blood flow through the vessels when you do an exercise routine such as walk on a treadmill.

If you have any follow-up questions or comments you are welcome to post on the forum.  Take care.
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on 1/10 I had a cardiac cath procedure. 2 stents were placed in the middle of the left anterior descending artery to repair a fairly large blockage. After the procedure my cardiologist said he had diagnosed a more difficult to fix block in the left circumflex artery near the intersection of the main coronary artery. He said he had a good plan to fix this block but admitted it was more difficult because the problem is located so close to the intersection of the main and the stent may push plaque into the right or left part of the intersect with the main. This would cause him to have to make the stent go around this  rt.  or left curve in the intersect. He has me scheduled for a second proceedure on 1/18. I do feel quite a lot better after my first cath procedure and I have a lot of confidence in this doctor. I am wondering if anyone has had a repair for a blockage in this place and what their experience has been.
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Thandks for chosing this forum for your questions.  Your other post on the question has been answered. Take care.
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I am new here and I have a heart murmur.  I smoked for 30 years and now I am quitting (still smoke 1 or 2 a day).  I think I might have a heart condition because lately my heart has bee beating really fast and it makes me sweat, dizzy, and fatigued.  I am also here because I want to learn more about the heart disease that my son has.  He has DMD which is a muscle disease and his heart is getting worse.  It is great to be here and I hope to find the help I need to understand my son's condition more.
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Cheryl, welcome to the heart forum.  I answered you son's issue regarding 15% ejection fraction.  Your symptoms could be related to a heart condition, so it would be wise for you to have a checkup.  If it is a heart condition, treatement can prevent any progress and sometimes reverse a conditon.  Thanks and take care.
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I am newbie here and i hope you will share useful tips,suggestions and other value able information with me here..And i hope you will enjoy my company here.. :)
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Welcome to the heart forum.  We all have different experiences and sharing can provide helpful information and that is the forum's expectation.  take care.
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Hello Im a 19 year old male who was diagnosed with viral myocarditis about 2 and a half months ago. One of my close friends whos house i hang out at a lot smokes inside his house. I was wondering if second hand smoke could affect my heart and make it even worse?
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Thanks for the question, and welcome the the heart forum.  A viral myocarditis indicates there is condition that can/will effect the heart's ability to pump blood that is expected from a normal heart....a virus can damage heart muscle.

Smoking or smoking environment can also stress the heart to pump harder to meet the oxygenated demand.  The stress of from the virus and smoking environment increases the risk of a more serious condition.

If you have any further questions or comments please use the posting protocol. Take care and I wish you well going forward.  

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Hello everyone, 22 yo male here, I am new to these forums, hope to find some help and support here, and also give it to others :)
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Hi dragon23,

Welcome to the HD community, and we appreciate any input you may regarding someone elses thread or your own thread for the medical issues that may concern you.

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new here, so go easy on me :)

I was diagnose at 25 years old, with cardiomyopathy with a ejection fraction (EF) of 45%.  Im now 33, and as my doctor said it seems Im pass my platod and have fallen in the last three years down to an EF of 30%.  I dont smoke, maybe drink three or four drinks a month.  I have none to little blockage, and it seem it might be genetic thats causing it with me being the worse in the family by a long shot.

currently have a 4 month, 16month and a two year old,   that the doctors are keeping an eye on.  I also recently lost my job of 10 years due to my condition of passing out at work due to my heart failure I guess.

so trying to figure it all out.  just got to keep moving.. it is what it is.
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Welcome to the heart disorder forum and your participation is appreciated.

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Hey, glad to see you are community leader! Yay! Well deserved too.
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i have experience its hard to breath i also collapse i thought I die thanks God  im still alive Right now ^_^ the causes that cannot sleep well so i try to search i have discover sleepbetterlosefat maybe it can help us Lets try it
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AthenaSB, Apr 29, 2011 09:39PM
To: kenkeith
Hey, glad to see you are community leader! Yay! Well deserved too.

....Thank you Athena, you are very generous.:)

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